Trailer Park #007: Everything’s Going to Be 4K.

In a few weeks, the world will change forever as we make an important choice that impacts our future. Some will do it by mail, others huddled together in lines the old fashioned way. In the end, many will be elated and a few will be bitterly disappointed. But whichever option an individual chooses, they might as well settle in. They’re going to be living with it for a good long while.

We’re talking of course about the next month’s launch of the XBOX Series X and the PS5. Yes, whether you swing towards Sony or Microsoft, November is going to be awesome. Unless of course, you’re a turkey…or someone who enjoys the peaceful transfer of power. But for gamers — nirvana. To celebrate, we’re taking a trip back to the Uncanny Valley, as we cast our gaze upon the high-def glory of the first wave of releases coming for the new uber-powerful consoles.

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NBA 2K21

Somebody should have turned creative control of the simulated NBA bubble crowd over to 2K because holy hell. As long as there have been advances in sports games’ character models and gameplay, there has also been a lifeless 2D crowd right there, ready to disappoint. No more. The Dallas Mavericks home court feels…alive. So many things fluidly moving to and fro. Mascots and ball boys just doing their thing. There’s even a mini-Mark Cuban that looks more lifelike than the actual Mark Cuban. And don’t get us started about the sweat. That’s next-gen perspiration right there.

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RTX Marbles at Night Demo

Remake of the classic Marble Madness, or a sentinent being that's here to destroy us all? Whatever you believe Nvidia's revolutionary Ray Tracing technology to be, it sure makes a pretty sweet looking marble. To enjoy this next gen tech in full, crank up the resolution on your device of choice and step into the uncanny San Fernando Valley.

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Returnal (PS5 Exclusive)

We love twin-stick shooters. And nobody does twin-stick shooters better than Housemarque. A staple at launch for the last couple of Sony systems, this little company has produced some of the slickest, most addictive action games ever (Super Stardust, Resogun). And now, our beloved niche publisher is doing this great-looking game that’s…a psychological third-person shooter set in a very Sandra Bullock-y version of space? Blasphemy. What’s next? Using a toaster to play Doom?

Up next: Using a toaster to play Doom.

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Far Cry 6

If the Xbox Series does nothing more than act as the world’s most beautiful Gus Fring simulator, we’ll be totally satisfied with the purchase.

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