Trailer Park #002: New Movie and Game Trailers, Two Bit Opinions and More!

Welcome back to the Trailer Park! It's Thursday and we're still not talking to the World Health Organization about potential vaccines. You know, just going to sit that conference out. No big whoop. Dios mio, it is going to take some serious BPM to kickstart the column this week. Oh, hey Hotline Miami soundtrack. We were just going to call you!

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Great Game Song: M.O.O.N. - Hydrogen - Hotline Miami Soundtrack

Whether or not top-down ultra-violence is your thing, it's hard to challenge the supremacy of the Hotline Miami track list. It pumps you up for your workday, or that yayo deal with Tony Montana that's increasingly looking like it's going to go south.

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RTX Marbles at Night Demo

Remake of the classic Marble Madness, or a sentinent being that's here to destroy us all? Whatever you believe Nvidia's revolutionary Ray Tracing technology to be, it sure makes a pretty sweet looking marble. To enjoy this next gen tech in full, crank up the resolution on your device of choice and step into the uncanny San Fernando Valley.

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Throwback Trailer: It's Madden Season

Madden 21 dropped this week, which got us reminiscing about the time EA went and lost their g*d damn minds and created the most wonderfully wack-a-doo game trailer/ad ever filmed, Madden: The Movie. The YouTube views are a shade above 400k, and your humble trailer curator is not afraid to admit he makes up about 10,000 of those. Behold the greatness!

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Watch Dogs Legion - Welcome to London Trailer

OK, Ubisoft, you get one more chance with the Watch Dogs thing. We're pretty loyal over here at the Trailer Park - still sending money to that Ukranian cam girl. No, it's cool. She super-promised to pay us back - but after the hype train left the station on the last two WD games, we're raising a solitary but still-opimisitc eyebrow that the third time is the charm for capitalizing on this incredbile concept.

Bonus Fun Fact: In England, soccer is called tennis. Look it up!

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Justice League - Zach Snyder Cut

Honestly, what other calendar year but 2020 could have delivered a nationwide 70mm TENET release that could quite literally cost you your life? While we wait to see Nolan's latest at a hastily constructed drive-in theater where the 405 meets the 10, let's wrap up with the Justice League the way its visionary director, Zach Snyder, intended it to be seen.

Think of it all as a metaphor: The Justice League is our planet, Joss Whedon is 2020 (sorry, my dude), and Zach Snyder is the promise of the future. As screwed up as things may be initially, there's nothing we can't get back on track with some focused global post-production.

Until next week: Fauci may be down in the pecking order, but his spirit lives on. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and watch more trailers!