...Now you don’t


Invisibility is a time-honored super-power that has maintained prominence for more than a century in books, movies, tv-shows, games, and every other form of media. It’s a superpower archetype as recognizable as flight, superspeed, or x-ray vision, and in 2020 it is as popular as ever. With the release of The Invisible Man invisibility is back in style. With the superpower back on our minds, it is a good time to explore which characters looked the best on our pages and screens while we couldn’t see them. These are the top-5 best character that could go invisible. 


Sue Storm 

A bonafide comic book legend, Susan Storm is clearly the best see-through character. She is the matriarch of Marvel’s first family, The Fantastic 4,  and a huge part of the reason why going invisible is such a popular superpower. She is a deep and complex character who has survived the test of time and is still looked at as one of the greatest heroines, comic book characters, and superheroes of all time. Appearing across almost all media from comic books to video games, to television shows (we can forgive the movies), Susan Storm is far and away the best character around that can go invisible. 


The Predator 

Click click click click, that’s Predator for what a truly amazing character. For nearly 33-years the towering dreadlocked, extraterrestrial has been an iconic fixture of the sci-fi world. Futuristic weapons and armor, superhuman strength, unbelievable tracking abilities, and the power to go invisible are just a few of the things that make The Predator one of the greatest characters that can go invisible ever. Whether it’s taking on Aliens or hunting drug dealers Predator is a fearsome creature whose upcoming film Predators: Hunting Ground will make this brutal hunter a movie star in 5-Decades. 


Cheshire Cat 

Could there be a more influential character on this list than Alice In Wonderland’s Cheshire cat? Though Lewis Carol’s novel is not always credited with the origins of the grinning feline, the purple fur and mischievous smile of Carol’s classic is definitely the look the cat is most well remembered. The translucent trickster has been present in games, movies, cartoons, and of course the celebrated novel, and is no doubt one of the best invisible characters ever. 


Invisible Boy 

The Mystery Men character may have officially been named “Invisible Boy” we all know as soon as Kel Mitchell picked up his mantle he became “Invisible Dude.” Mitchell was a wonderful naive comedy foil to Ben Stiller’s jaded veteran character and added a bit of youth to a criminally underrated comedy superhero jaunt. A character whose power was in question throughout the entirety of the film stepped up big to save the day when the Mystery Men was seemingly defeated. Invisible Boy definitely earned his spot on this list. 



The OG invisible man. He may not have been the best person in the world, he evolved into a thief and a murderer, but he is the archetype for invisibility as a superhuman power. H.G. Wells’s iconic character has maintained popularity throughout more than a century and stands strong as a reminder that good intentions can still go wrong.