That's some serious booty!


It's a fantastic time for pirates sailing the seas of Sea of thieves, raising a whopping $76,000 for charity by purchasing in-game cosmetics.


And all proceeds have gone to the SpecialEffect charity



Following the launch of Sea of thieves' new in-game store added last year that uses real-life money, a new cosmetic called The Noble Pathfinder Sails was introduced. With every purchase, the proceeds were donated to charity, raising almost $100k, according to Rare. Pets such as birds and monkeys, sails, weapons, and ships are often added to the store as it refreshes regularly.


The charity where all proceeds of the sail purchases went to was UK-based charity SpecialEffect, which helps people with disabilities to enjoy video games. The charity was set up back in 2007 and has grown as a popular favorite charity destination for gamers, streamers, and others to donate to a good cause. For around $6, or 599 Ancient Coins, players can purchase the sails. Dr. Mick Donegan, CEO, and Founder of SpecialEffect had this to say about the funds raised:


"I'd just like to say a huge swashbuckling thank you to Rare and the Sea of Thieves community for their incredible support with the sale of the Noble Pathfinder Sails as part of the Festival of Giving. I'm blown away! Your amazing generosity is a huge boost to SpecialEffect and will help my charity to help many more gamers with severe disabilities - not only in the UK but right across the world."


To learn more about the cause, Rare has encouraged players to visit SpecialEffect's website and to keep their eye on the in-game Sea of thieves store for any new charity cosmetics being added. Pirates shelling out their hard-earned coin is no small feat unless, of course, they're getting a flagon of grog in return. The studio, the generous gamers, and the charity should all take a bow for a great achievement.