Rest in Power, King.


On Friday, we lost more than just a beloved king from the Marvel Extended Universe, our world lost a great man of great character. A humble warrior who carried himself with tremendous strength and dignity throughout his public and personal life just as the great characters he chose to portray. . 

Chadwick Boseman lost his brave fight with colon cancer Friday night surrounded by his wife and family. He was 43 years old, far too young, but in his short time here, he really lived. The world weeps now with that sense that we’ve lost more than a great actor, we’ve lost another hero and we need more of them. Today we take the time to remember what we can learn from Chadwick Boseman as we did with so many of the great men he brought to life onscreen at the time they left this earth. From the Thurgood Marshall, right of wrongs, to Jackie Robinson breaker of barriers. 

Boseman was a magnificent and powerful performer, he had already become more than that a genuine movie star. He had become a young leader, a leader of the best kind, who led by example. Even in the way that he faced this challenge, the man showed us how to live.

Beautiful outpourings of remembrance have been coming from all over the world upon hearing the news, but two that touched us deeply we’re from our former President and a women who might be some day.

Winfrey and the former President capture the essence of a special human being who gave the world so much of himself, a great gift in far too brief a time on Earth.

Today, we celebrate his most notable roles - and hope you will take some time to watch or rewatch these films so that you too can find joy in his talent and the considerable gifts and grace he shared with the world.

In context, trying to imagine what Boseman was going through, physically and emotionally, during the making of this diverse set of movies makes his work even more singular and that much more impressive. Upon examining all the roles he chose, it became very clear, that Chadwick Boseman wanted to inform and inspire us, and he did.

What follows is some of our favorite work from the great Chadwick Boseman. 

Black Panther

So different than any other film in the Marvel franchise that came before it, or will ever likely happen again, Black Panther is a celebration of acceptance, tolerance and strength - about throwing pre-conceptions about race and class so far out into space that it was hard to remember such things even existed while watching the movie. Boseman was the center of it all. The rock that both grounded the film and the shooting star that took the genre - and movies as a whole - to new heights.

Da 5 Bloods

Spike Lee obviously found his late-career muse in Boseman who he cast prominently In this story of brothers-in-arms who fought hard for survival in Vietnam and even harder in the America they returned to after the war. As the philosophical and spiritual Stormin’ Norman, Boseman found a role where he could display grace and courage under fire, as a man who maintained his principles even during the darkest of times.


Portraying the first African American Supreme Court Justice as a young idealistic lawyer, Boseman took on the huge task of playing one of our most important Americans while also educating a public who knew little of the great man’s early life and career. Through his passionate and nuanced performance as Marshall early in his career as an attorney, he made the man’s journey our journey. Boseman made us understand, at a very deep level, the sense of pride and the scars of injustice that made Marshall such an important advocate for all those who have been discriminated against.


Director Brian Hegeland had his pick of fine actors to portray the great Jackie Robinson, but by selecting Boseman he found an actor who communicated that same sense of pride and class that the color-barrier-smashing Brooklyn Dodger possessed throughout his life. Robinson was a man who understood the gravity and importance of his situation and his place in history - and never stooped to the level of those who would try to bring him down. Boseman captured the dignity and excellence of the man, as it was also how the actor lived his life. A truly magnetic performance.

From everyone at Subnation, as movie fans and Marvel fans, as people who believe that even during these challenging times, there are great men and women to inspire us and raise us up, we will miss you. 

Our good King, you will be missed. Wakanda Forever