Fans can now rock the same outfits as the Van Der Linde gang.

As we look back on what an epic year 2019 was, we look to a relatively recent announcement first reported on by Polygon. Fans of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 adventure can now dress like Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang thanks to a new clothing line. Of course, much like a bottle of moonshine in the wild West, it's gonna cost you.

barking irons

Starting small, thinking big

The high-end line from Premium clothing retailer Barking Irons has released a relatively small selection of clothing modeled on the outfits from the Red Dead Redemption 2 video game. To begin with, the clothing line didn't reveal too much of a reference to any video games at first glance. Thanks to the rustic style choice, though, fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 can clearly see the similarities between the real-life clothing collection and the outfits featured in the game.

shirt bag

Delving into the detail

As we look closer at the more intricate details, it is clear that the outfits aren't targeted at Red Dead redemption as a whole, but reflect the costumes worn by individual characters in the game. Taking the $250 Gunslinger Jacket as an example, it is almost identical to the one worn by Arthur Morgan, and inside of the collar also sports the wording "Van Der Linde Gang."


Remember the catalog in the game found at the tailors? Well, four of the shirts seem like they've come straight out of that collection. Fans will have to fork out $150 for the hefty-looking denim chore shirt, it'll cost you $120 for the blue and navy striped shirts, while the henley shirt in white comes in at a cheaper $92. All of the shirts are consistent with the Red Dead theme as the collars have Arthur Morgan etched into them. On the lower part of the three buttoned-shirts is also the emblem and Rockstar logo embroidered on the front.


Additionally, players can pick up up a Red Dead Redemption 2 bags, which are part of the same collection from Barking Irons. These bags come in three different styles, although they do feel as though they deviate from the theme slightly. The most expensive of the bags is a riding duffel bag, brass hardware, and twill cotton make up the material of this bag, which comes with an eye-watering $320 price tag. If you want to go down the line a little, then the $180 field tan saddlebag is your next option. The cheapest of the bag collection is a white canvas tote bag which sports the Red Dead Redemption 2 name printed up the side, weighing in at a more comfortable $75.


If you're not one for cowboy adventure games in the Wild West, then you might want to check out Red Dead Online, which has a much more competitive feel. It's a lot less of an open-world adventure, and lets players get on with what it is like to be an outlaw.