The Reasoning Behind 6 Strange Gaming Tattoos

Happy National Tattoo Day, everyone! No, we didn’t know about it either. But after a generous donation from the Tattooed Endowment for the Arts, we’re more than happy to do our part helping promote this magical day yo.

If you’ve spent any time at all online this morning, you know that every gaming site and its cousin has a ginormous gallery of game-themed tattoos atop their news feed. Zelda and Link on someone’s hairy back. Mario and Luigi gracing a forearm or two. Sleeve tattoos containing the entire Wii U launch library. We’ve seen it all.

Luckily, here at Subnation, we like to go deeper into the minds of gamers - including those who choose gaming-themed skin art. So today, on this sacred day of celebrating the permanence of things, we’re’ digging into the why’s and how’s of some very interesting artwork.

“I’ll have the constipated Geralt, please”

Geralt is the Witcher known to bewitch the ladies, if you know what we mean. Handing over a screenshot from Wild Hunt, you’re feeling pretty confident that even if the tattoo artist is having the worst day ever, he’ll still produce something of quality. Oh, dear...

“It’s been 25 years since Mom washed my jeans with all my Crash Bandicoot saves, but it hurts like it was yesterday…”

Everybody loses something of personal value some time in their lives. But we didn’t get a face tattoo immortalizing our Apple Earbuds now, did we? Plot twist: The mom who washed your memory card? This is her arm.

“Leeches were once a legitimate part of practicing medicine”

You get two looks in one here. Close up, everybody knows the PlayStation is your system. From a distance, it appears you’re getting a nice hot stone massage at one of fancy LA spas we’re always reading about in People Magazine. Win-win!

“I had this done before the release of Fallout 76”

Bethesda is on a roll with your favorite franchise ever. Game after game in the series and it just keeps getting better. Heck, even IAP-laden mobile release Fallout Shelter is a star. News breaks of a new Fallout MMO that’s bigger and bolder than anything that’s come before it. You rush down to the tattoo parlor, because what could possibly go wrong?

“Put something bad-ass on my back. Don’t even tell me what it is”

It’s not until you’re drawing your last breath, that you realize giving someone detailed directions on how to assault you was poor planning.

“Give me the most hardcore prehistoric creature of all time”

I was thinking more Jurassic Park, but I guess this will have to do...