It is inevitable the two-worlds crossover sometime soon

I don’t know how many people reading this have ever been to a major music festival, but let me tell you, you can’t go to one with seeing a boatload of video game imagery. Whether it’s triforce tattoos, Mega Man baseball caps, Starfox t-shirts, Fort Knight totems, or any other video game-related regalia, the gamers are heavy in the music scene. 


Now, of course, that makes complete sense at some of the major festivals like Coachella and Bonarrooo, when the sample size is 80,000 people, of course, the gamers are going to represent. But when you pear that sample size down to 10,000 to 15,000 people like many of the mid-size jam band festivals are attracting these days, and you still feel like the crowd is just as demonstratively nerdy as a PAX crowd, now you’re seeing a correlation. 


There seems to be a pretty heavy crossover between jam band fans and videogamers, so much so in fact, that you are just as likely to encounter someone with a Half-Life tattoo at Camp Bisco, as you are someone with deadhead ink. As a fan of the jam bands myself, I feel safe in saying that jam music and a lot of nerdcore are cut from the same cloth 


I could easily see Super Soul Bro’s or Bit Force getting down with the likes of Widespread Panic or Spafford. If Action Bronson and The Roots are right for McDowell Mountain Music Festival and Electric Forrest why not Mega Ran? Being in control of the mood is a DJ’s soul purpose and I doubt any do that better than DJ Cutman. Knowing all of that makes the crossover not only make more sense, but it makes the crossover downright natural. 


It works vice versa as well. Trapesing around MAGFest or Classic Games Fest it is almost inevitable that you are going to run into someone repping The Disco Biscuits or STS9. The repetition of sounds, the synthesizers, and the epic crescendos are what key in for both sects of listeners. The moving lights and bright colors don’t hurt in either milieu either. 


The correlation really makes a ton of sense once you really start to think about it. Whether you are jamming out to a dope bassline your bandmate wrote, or noodling around one of Tadashi Tekashi’s masterpieces from Mega Mean the goal is still the same, to make something good sound awesome. It would really be something if the jam bands started embracing nerdcore because there are quite a few bands that could do very well in the jam band world. 


Maybe Jerry Garcia and Trey Anastasio didn’t think they would be welcoming people who jam out to the Mario theme song into the world of jam music when they started The Grateful Dead and Phish respectively. But that’s just because video games hardly existed when those bands were just getting going. With all the similarities in the sounds, I think it is inevitable the two-worlds crossover sometime soon.