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The next evolution in gaming monitors is here and Razer is at the forefront!

Any PC gamer knows that the quality of your gaming experience starts with the quality of your gaming rig. The best gaming PCs not only deliver an exceptional performance, but also set the tone and ambiance for each gaming session. Like taking a luxury vehicle out for a spin, your PC should exude the power that it holds within and put you in the mood for yet another late-night gaming session. Razer as a knack for designing computer parts and accessories that are capable of turning heads, and the company’s lineup at CES 2019 was no exception. 

Any gaming PC worth its salt starts with the proper chassis to house all of its internal organs. The Razer Tomahawk is an exceptional case to enlist for the job, as it lays the foundation for a great gaming experience. As the heart of your gaming rig, the Razer Tomahawk can house the most high-end, demanding PC parts that you can keep an eye on through the tempered glass panel. In true Razer fashion, the chassis also comes equipped with the Razer Chroma lighting system glowing from its underbelly, which can be customized using Razer Synapse.

A vibrant, efficient monitor is an essential component of any gaming battlestation. Razer has developed the Razer Raptor 27 to meet the demands of devout PC gamers and competitive esports players alike. With its one-millisecond response rate, this IPS WQHD monitor is lightning fast, perfect for those long binge sessions on your favorite FPS. And, since fussing with computer wires can be a real drag, Razer has come up with a way to avoid those dreaded tangled wires by having an elegant cable management system built right into the solid monitor base. Oh, and of course, this monitor has some flashy Razer Chroma lighting of its own. Did you even have to ask?

Okay, so at this point you may be feeling left out if you aren’t the type of person to play PC games at home. Maybe you prefer the convenience of gaming on-the-go, or perhaps you just want to keep your gaming system by your side at all times. Don’t worry, Razer didn’t forget about you laptop-lovers. With their new and improved Razer Blade 15 Advanced gaming laptop, you can have high-end gaming available at your fingertips wherever you go. Touted as the smallest 15-inch gaming laptop, the Razer Blade 15 Advanced model contains NVIDIA RTX-2060 graphics, improved audio, and upgradable system memory that can be increased to 64 gigs. Not too shabby for a laptop, eh?

If any of these Razer products sparked your interest, you can learn more about each of them and their price points in the video above as well as on the Razer website.