Winner winner, sticky bomb dinner.


Players won't have to wait too much longer before they can begin playing with the new features coming to PUBG. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Season 6 is due to arrive towards the end of January 2020, although the test server on PC already has the list of features available right now.


PUBG Season 6: what's new?

The PUBG Corporation has revealed that when the latest season for the brutal battle royale game launches, it will bring a brand new map. The new map is on the North coast of Africa and is called Kakarin. The map is set to allow a total of 64 players to jump into a match and will feature a treacherous ''Black Zone''. This zone can change the game completely using hazards that occur randomly, leveling terrain and buildings to force players into the open.

sticky bomb

The PUBG Corporation also confirmed a brand new explosive being brought into the game, which is a sticky bomb, in addition to the motor glider, which is a two-person aircraft. Both of the additions can only be found in the Kakarin map. The motor glider will be the very first flying vehicle added to the game. There'll be a variety of breach points across the maps where players can use the sticky bombs, allowing fighters to breach secret areas and catch other players out.

black zone

If that's not enough, there's also a completely free battle pass system based around progression, making its way to the battle royale title. Survivor Pass is the name set for the progression system, focusing on community-based challenges that, if unlocking, will provide a wealth of handsome rewards in addition to new information surrounding the Kakarin map.


January 25th is the date that Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Season 6 become available across console and PC, of course, those on PC can test drive the new features already using the PUBG test server right now. There are a host of other details available on the PUBG website for those who'd like to learn more.