Everything you need to know to expand your PS4 storage.

Even with the release of the PS5 on the horizon, players are still feeling the need to increase the storage of their PS4 consoles. It's no surprise considering the size of some of the games that are available to us today, but thanks to an external hard drive, it allows us to double or sometimes quadruple the storage that's built into our consoles. It's relatively simple to set up a PS4 external hard drive, plug in the drive to an available USB port on your PS4, but you need to ensure the drive supports USB 3.0 to work. Your PS4 enables storage extensions that range from 250GB through to a massive 8TB (that's a lot of gaming). 

Ps4 External HDD

Although the initial setup is plug and play, there are a few more steps to follow to get up and running, read on to discover them now.


Formatting the HDD

Once you've hooked up your shiny new hard drive, you won't be able to use it until it's been appropriately formatted. To do this, ensure your PS4 is switched on and head to 'Settings,' then to 'Devices,' and hit 'USB Storage Devices. Select the option that states 'Format as Extended Storage'. Follow the on-screen options to get the device ready for first use.

After the formatting process completes, the external hard drive will be defaulted as the device where all of your installations will be stored, in addition to any games that are installed from a physical disc. That means all of your games and apps will be stored on the new drive from now on, although saves and screen captures will still be stored locally on the console itself.


Managing Apps and Games

To begin managing your games and apps that are currently stored on your console head over to 'Settings,' select 'Storage' and then choose 'Options' to navigate between extended storage and what's stored on your system. Select either option to decide where your games, disc installations, and apps will be saved from now on.

If you'd like to move all (or some) of the games and apps stored on your system to your new drive you can do so by selecting 'System Storage, then navigating to 'Applications' before finally hitting 'Options' and selecting 'Extended Storage' from the available items. Now select everything you wish to be transferred, ensuring there's a check next to each item, and they'll be copied onto your external hard drive. Nothing will change in terms of functionality, and games will launch as they usually would, the only difference is that they are lunching from your new drive rather than your system storage.

Removing an External Hard Drive from Your PS4

If, for any reason, you've decided you no longer want your games and apps installed on your external hard drive, then you will need to know how to remove it without losing or corrupting your data. Quite simply, you need to press and hold the home button on your PS4 controller to launch the quick menu, and you will then need to select the option entitled 'Stop Using Extended Storage.' Your PS4 will then shut down, and you can safely unplug the external hard drive. 

If you've opted to remove your external hard drive from your console, it is worthwhile ensuring your games and apps are readily available on your system storage before formatting the external hard drive for other uses (on a PC, for example).

And that about covers everything you need to know about increasing your PS4 hard drive storage, no technical know-how required!