Could we be getting a Resident Evil TV series?

Fans have been waiting for years for the moment a Resident Evil series got given the go-ahead, and Netflix has done wonders to snatch away that dream. Netflix published, then deleted the show from the Netflix Media center, but why!?


Was it a tease or an error?

The original listing was first spotted thanks to the Resident Evil Wiki, specifically by Siliconera, who explained that the show description had popped up on Netflix's media center. Pretty soon after that description was added, Netflix deleted it - although at the time of writing, its still available on the WaybackMachine web archives.


The Resident Evil Wiki put a Tweet out that read, "It has finally been confirmed that a Netflix adaptation of Resident Evil is in the works.  Attached is a description taken from Netflix's Media Center," and adds, "See also a WaybackMachine archive of the search result, we took a few minutes ago."


Here's the description of the show

"The town of Clearfield, MD has long stood in the shadow of three seemingly unrelated behemoths - the Umbrella Corporation, the decommissioned Greenwood Asylum, and Washington, D.C. Today, 26 years after the discovery of the T-Virus, secrets held by the three will start to be revealed at the first signs of outbreak."


That doesn't give much away, and, unusually, it is not based in Raccoon City, but in Clearfield, maybe an origins story in the works? The name of the show references the Umbrella Corporation, and there's no doubt that Capcom's zombie-infused universe is on the cards with mentions of the T-Virus.  Back in January last year, Deadline reported that a Resident-Evil show was in the works at Netflix, so the new information adds to the viability of this being legit.

As with any rumor, and the fact that there's no official confirmation, this information should be taken with a fine grain of salt, although the new information certainly seems convincing. Watch this space.