We Can’t Stop Wanting These Must-Have Gaming Products For Sale on ETSY

Supporting indie artisans - is there any other kind of artisan, really? - feels great. Being the envy of all your crew as a result of said support feels even better. So let’s take a spin over to Etsy for a curated swag-fest featuring the stylish, the adorable and the just plain crazy must-have items of the season - all hand-crafted with the sophisticated gamer in mind.

Even if your community is currently filled with crazy people who cough on poor Trader Joe’s greeters as a means of civil disobedience, the fact is we’re probably going to all be wearing masks. For a while. So why not put a smile on the faces of classic gaming fans you pass in the street with this loving salute to the classic SHMUP. Galaga rocks. So much so, I’m constantly referring to the year 2020 as the “Challenging Stage.”

The question is not “do I need an actual framed Sega Mega-Drive controller hanging in my living room?” The real question is, “how have I gone so long without an actual framed Sega Mega-Drive controller hanging in my living room?” The answer seems pretty clear to us.

Your fancy anniversary plans to share a kiss beneath the Eiffel Tower have been obliterated by 2020. That doesn’t mean you can’t still show him/her/them how you feel. And on a semi-related topic, go play Tetris Effect. That is some vastly under-appreciated 2019 gaming sh*t right there.

It’s three bucks. It’s good for multiple smiles on the faces of both Animal Crossing fans and non-fans - as if there are any. If that’s not good value, well, we wasted our money on this Trump University online MBA.

Maybe it’s the loving craftsmanship that obviously went into this product. Or the amazing product model we’ve quite obviously fallen in love with. Or it could be the bat-sh*t insane price point. Whatever the reason may be, we are die-hard Kingdom Hearts fans, and this is some next level Kingdom Hearts schwag.

Bob next door will stop blowing his leaves into your driveway. The neighborhood kids will never, ever come looking for candy on Halloween again. Why? Because quite obviously you’re the local bad-ass of the block who beheaded Master Chief and then placed the spoils of your victory on the front porch like some kind of suburban Atilla the Hun. Nicely done, sir.

Not cheap. Not cheap at all. But if the COVID-era future of dating is Zoom-based Coffee Meets Bagel sessions, everyone’s going to have to look their best from the neck up. Try to remember the dating advice my father gave me when I was a wee lad: “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!”

The blank-as-hell walls you’ve been staring at since March are crying out for stylish artistic expressions of who you are. And although we don’t even know you, we’re still comfortable saying that these retro-travel-inspired prints are the absolute perfect choice for your home. We’re good like that, right?

Cool gaming-inspired arts and crafts like these come and go all the time on Etsy, so check in over there often for cool new stuff. Product sales support talented, somewhat obsessed people who love gaming just as much as we do. Do any proceeds go to the monolithic gaming companies who created the games themselves? Well...not exactly. But honestly, did you see how much EA made off FIFA Ultimate Team last year?

Happy Shopping!