Come April 10, we’ll finally rejoin Cloud Strife and his merry band of heroes


Gamers tend to enjoy all sorts of interactive adventures that stick to a certain genre. But if there’s one game that no one enjoys, it’s the waiting game. Having to sit and sweat it out for further details about a massively hyped release after months of radio silence is maddening. Especially when that release was shown off years prior and gone quiet in the years since.


Imagine the painful wait fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake had to endure. Ever since Square Enix launched its RPG magnum opus back in 1997, gamers alive during that golden era in gaming have wanted to see it given the full remake treatment. On April 10, 2020, those patient fans will finally get the chance to enjoy the first portion of Cloud Strife’s journey. The hype train is coming in and will actually reach its final destination in just one month. And judging by the gorgeous screenshots and exciting trailers revealed for the game thus far, FF7 Remake is being set up to fulfill everyone’s grand expectations.


You may not know this, but the very concept of a full remake for FF7 came around long before the PS4 landed in living rooms across the globe. Back when the PS2 was the hot new console, Square actually announced their plans to remake that game and its franchise follow-ups. But due to the difficulty associated with developing massive games on a new console, that large-scale remake project was abandoned. When a small snippet of PS3 tech demo footage for FF7 was put on display during E3 2005, fan fervor around a possible FF7 remake grew to epic proportions. But to the disappointment of many, that game’s official unveiling still eluded them.


Once 2015 rolled around, FF7 fans got the reveal they’d been waiting far too long for. During the Sony press conference at E3 2015, the game’s announcement trailer was shown to the gaming public and actually pushed grown men to tears. FF7 Remake was finally turned into something real and was no longer just a far off dream. Square Enix’s Business Division 1 was given the honors of working on the FF7 Remake project. And at one point, development studio CyberConnect2 was attached to the project in order to handle its combat mechanics and video quality. But sometime in 2017, the decision was made to only develop the game internally and switch the entire project to a multi-part game release.


Months after its initial reveal, FF7 Remake was shown off at various events such as the 2015 PlayStation Experience. But then there came a point where radio silence regarding its progress became a sad reality. After years of a lack of substantial footage being released for the game, FF7 Remake resurfaced during Sony PlayStation’s May 2019 State of Play livestream. Since then, Square Enix and the talented development team behind the game have given its fans tons of incredible trailers and updates to passionately dissect. During a particularly lackluster E3 2019, Square Enix easily captured the most positive attention with its coming-out party for FF7 Remake. And you know what’s even crazier? It even overshadowed the grand debut of a game focused on Marvel’s greatest superhero team, The Avengers. FF7 Remake’s awe-inspiring footage stole the show and wowed everyone who got the chance to play it.

tifa cloud

Extended gameplay showcases have proven that Square Enix did all the right things with all the extra time they gave themselves while making this game. All the main characters look amazing and speak with more natural dialogue put in place. The action-oriented battle sequences look engrossing and just as hype as the fight scenes Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children are known for. The main locale of Midgar has been expanded upon greatly, which promises to give fans a lot of new ground to cover while nostalgic events still come to pass. And the many adjustments and additions thrown into FF7 Remake have been celebrated by fans and given them plenty of hope for the final product.


April 10, 2020 now needs to be marked as a national holiday. It marks the last stop on the road to a game that no one ever thought they’d ever see. Cloud Strife, Barret, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, and Red XIII will reunite in HD as they enter an epic crusade against Shinra, the Turks, and Sephiroth once again. We. Can’t. Wait!