How to capture Red Ben Clempson in Red Dead Online

Unless you've hopped off Rockstar's online wild west world, then you'll no doubt have worked out how online bounty hunts work about now. Online bounties are changed every week, with a background surrounding the target being revealed ahead of the event. A cinematic cutscene is displayed, which explains all of the bounty's wrongdoings, giving players a reason to prep their weapons and saddle up for the hunt.

Whether you take the bounty to justice alive or as a corpse to the local Sheriff's office, you'll receive a decent reward for your efforts. Only those tackling the Bounty Hunter direction will be eligible to take down these bounties.

Red Ben Clempson background

Red Ben Clempson comes to red Dead Online as the ninth bounty, a smartly dressed train robber that the authorities would love to get their hands on dead or alive. Read on for the steps to successfully take down this bounty

How to find and begin the Red Ben Clempson bounty

To start tracking down Red Ben Clempson, you'll first need to ensure you take the Bounty Hunter role by heading to the Sheriff's office in Rhodes. Purchase the Bounty Hunter License (which is free if you've linked Rockstar with Twitch Prime). If not, then you'll need to use 15 red Dead Online gold bars to get the license.

Once you've got your license, you can head to any bounty board, which will show the Red Ben Clempson bounty being available. A cutscene will display once you confirm the bounty, which triggers the beginning of the bounty hunter as the primary mission. Make use of your team lives as you'll only have two!

Head over to Mercer Station to meet an NPC, which is located nearby Tumbleweed. He reveals the location of red Ben Clempson, and for a bribe, he'll even explain which train he's on. The train you're looking for is on the North loop above Tumbleweed, so you can now start chasing the train! Make sure your horse stamina is replenished as it'll be a hard ride, if not.

After you have the train in your sights, get alongside it on your horse and get ready for the prompt to hop onto the train. Head up through each of the carriages until you reach the front carriage, taking down outlaws riding alongside the train and the ones inside. You'll eventually reach the target carriage with Red Ben Clempson inside, kill the rest of his gang to deal with the man himself.

Finally, bring the train to a halt by taking down the driver in the main carriage before pulling the brake lever. Hop off the train and load up your cargo with your new bounty before heading to the Sheriff's office in Tumbleweed to collect your reward. It's unlikely that you'll encounter any further enemies on your way back, so it should be a smooth ride to the Sheriff's office. Your handsome reward is waiting, collect it and be on your way. You've now brought Red Ben Clempson the justice he deserves!