L.A. took the time to answer a few questions


London based folk artist L.A. Salami has a brand new EP out that is barely a week old and it is tremendous. The man has a unique voice for storytelling and has the sort of authenticity behind his lyrics that drives his songs home in a way that most musicians only dream they could. Self-Portrait In Sound is available on all major streaming platforms and it is more than worth the 33-minute playthrough. 

Along with being one of the most talented songwriters on the planet, L.A. Salami is also somewhat of a gamer. While basking in the glow of his fabulous new record L.A. took the time to answer a few questions about gaming, pop-culture, influences, and life in general. 

How has gaming affected your life, videogames or table gaming?  

I was immersed in them when I was growing up and it definitely exercised my imagination.

How if at all does it affect your music? 

In the same way movies and books do - Lingering in the periphery to call upon when needed.  

What are your 5 favorite games and a little bit of why?  


Legend of Zelda Series: When they're good, and they mostly are, they are the purest form of immersive open-world fantasy gaming - in my opinion. 

Smash Bros Series: For me, the most natural fighting game action control functions - and with the flexibility of the environment - It just works out as maximum chaos coupled with maximum fluidity - Ain't it so graceful?


 Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee: I can really remember the details of this game at all as I only played it through once and I was quite young, but I remember it being perfect, and changing my life a little bit, so I’ll put it here..  

Portal:  Just the perfect puzzle sci-fi adventure series for the likes of me


 Metroid Prime: It's the greatest action-adventure first-person shooter of all time. Fight me.

Who are your 5 favorite characters and some of the why? 

Mario, Do I have to explain?

Sonic, Do I have to explain?

Conker, from Conkers Bad Fur Day: I don't really remember the details of this game but I know it had me in fits hysterical laughter when I was playing it as a kid.

Link: At this point, I think a lot of people have quite a personal connection with Link. 

 Fox McCloud: He's the best damn pilot in the galaxy 

If LA Salami had his choice to score any video game past present or future which would he pick and why? 

Star Fox Lylat Wars series

What video games are you currently playing? 




Excited about any of the upcoming video game franchises coming to movies and TV? 

Haven't thought about it much - “The Witcher” was cool - I've always thought a surreal animated re-imagining of Super Mario Bros as a TV series should be a thing 

Could you see you ever making a project based on a game? 

I used to make up video games and sequels to existing videos when I was younger, but I can't imagine basing another project on a different medium on one unless it was a movie or TV show

What are you currently playing, watching, reading, and listening too? 

Trying to catch the latest “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, and been listening to a lot of new-wave British post-punk

I happen to know your favorite tv show is” The Wire” ... Care to share why? 

I just think it's one of the most important works of art of the 21st century.

 Would you ever consider writing music or poetry about The Wire or any other television show? 

Yea, I’d definitely consider it.

Do you think your music takes inspiration in any way from things like that already? 

Yea, I definitely do get inspired by things like it, yes - And it comes out in one form or another.