Valorant is Killing it in 2020. Here’s Why

This year belongs to Valorant. And COVID. But mostly Valorant. Before you fight me, have a look at the reasons why Riot Games’ new hero shooter is poised to take a serious bite out of its competitors on all levels through 2020 and beyond. And if you still want to fight after this level of proof, I can’t blame you. I know you have your reasons.

It Brings Two Gaming Communities Together

Previously, you either roll with CS:GO or you’re more of an Overwatch kinda human. Like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups before it, Valorant brings these two great things together - offering the smooth, fluid play of Counter-Strike with the hero shooter powers of Overwatch. It’s two great shooter tastes that taste great together!

It’s Got a Strong Pedigree

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Riot Games doesn’t do things half-assed. So when they release a shooter into the world, you know it’s going to get the attention to detail, the community support and the general love 24/7/365.

Esports Stars are Switching Sides

Overwatch has been in a bit of a crisis period of late, as diminishing player counts have the powers that be worried - and rightfully so. Not helping matters at all was the news that OWL MVP Jay “Sinatraa” Won would be switching sides over to Valorant. Others would follow Jay’s lead, but that’s a big name making a big move at a crucial time of a game’s community development.


There’s a Windbreaker Involved


Yes, it costs $125 dollars. But come on, no mediocre shooter is going to feature a wind-breaker that sharp and stylish.

It’s Running Nicely on All Systems

Riot is proud of their netcode for Valorant - and they should be. At this point, the game seems to run smoothly on a toaster. Low system requirements make matches more fair and will go a long way towards the ongoing, steady growth of the player base.

New Agents = More Ways to Enjoy

Riot has committed to releasing up to six - count em six! - new agent characters per year. Assuming they nail the balance - and why wouldn’t they, these are the LoL people, people - then that should make for a highly engaging choice of play styles heading into 2021.

So yeah, Valorant is making big noise - from the general shooter community up to the highest levels of Esports. But at the end of the day, it’s hella fun to play. So go do that. And keep reading Subnation for all your latest Valorant news and almost-baked opinions.