Journey to The Savage Planet is Still on Track.

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Following being funded by Assassin's Creed giant Ubisoft in 2017, along with WB Montreal and EA, Google has taken developer Typhoon Studios on board to work on games for its Stadia platform. Journey to the Savage Planet is Typhoon's latest project, which is due to launch on January 28, 2020, and its understood the acquisition is not going to affect the launch of the game.

A tweet on the official Stadia account reads: ''We're thrilled to announce that the talented team at Typhoon Studios will be joining Stadia Games and Entertainment.''

Jade Raymond

What else do we know about Typhoon's transition?

Explaining to Gamesinsutry.biz head of Stadia Games and Entertainment, Jade Raymond says that the idea of Typhoon coming on board with Stadia Games and Entertainment is to give the existing games library a boost.

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Raymond states "They've really assembled a AAA team, and the goal of acquiring the team is that it will really give us a head start in making the system-defining games everyone is waiting for," and further added, "This is a top AAA team of industry veterans who already have a great working relationship and were able to ship something quickly, and they have a lot of great ideas for the platform."

Following the launch of its Stadia game streaming service at the backend of 2019, Google has received a mixture of feedback from its player base. The negatives came in the form of complaints surrounding the fact that there were so little launch titles, with just one exclusive arriving on the platform. 

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Founders of the platform who were the first to receive their Google Stadia hardware were left with a useless piece of equipment while they awaited their Founder's Edition invite, which was delayed by over a week for some. In other words, they'd paid for something that they couldn't use! Another aspect that surfaced after use was how good of an internet connection you needed to run the service to its full potential, with many getting average FPS levels, which was disappointing. It's tricky enough establishing a connecting to the platform, let alone running Assassin's Creed Odyssey in 4k.

The guys over at Typhoon Studios are sure to bring a wealth of experience with them when they join the Stadia team, which is a positive of what Stadia can become.  It makes it a little easier to look past the rocky start for Stadia and look closer at what it could become.