Trailer Park #010: Like a Cold (War) November Reign

It’s November, which can only mean one thing: time once again for our annual pilgrimage to the Land of the Headshot, which coincidentally is also an ill-conceived tagline from the Hollywood Department of Tourism. But we’re talking Call of Duty here. The place where friends become enemies, and enemies become KDR fodder in digital jungles and unguarded nuclear silos strewn across far flung lands. And since our recently-purchased copy of the all-new Call of Duty: Cold War still has five or so days left to download, let’s make productive use of that time and count down our favorite live COD trailers.

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10. “Screw This” | Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Helmed by the great Peter Berg, “Screw This” comes direct from the game’s beloved “celebs and explosions” period. Most of this trailer is just above average, but still wins us over with quirky star cameos that include Danny McBride and the untapped comedy potential of Michael Phelps. It’s also notable for this unfortunate bit of irony at the 0:06 mark:

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9. “Reassemble”| Call of Duty WWII

It tries too hard at times, but “Reassemble” does a decent job of capturing the special kind of bond that develops between the members of a longtime COD crew who begin to see themselves as a suburban Seal Team Six.

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8.“The Replacer” | Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

If you’re a fan of the movie Fargo, you’ve no doubt developed a lifelong love affair with the work of Peter Stormare. Although he’s not shoving anyone into a wood chipper as “The Replacer” he finds time to stand in for a variety of folks who just need a little more COD time to ease the daily grind. Relatable.

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