Our top picks of titles to put a smile on your face.

Many of us play video games as a way of unwinding and escaping the stresses of the real world while others play games for their artistic spin as something to marvel at. For the latter type of gamer, everything from the immersion factor, the soundtrack, and even the pacing is of significant importance. Entertainment is one thing, but getting a reaction is another, and there's no better way to get that reaction than laughing!

And, with that, we move onto our top five humorous video games of all time, including our favorite hilarious moment from each.


1. Conkers Bad Fur Day

Conker's Bad Fur Day offers some of the raunchiest, charming, and adult-themed moments in video games to this day. While some references are perhaps something only adults might get, this game combines comedy that'll appeal to both kids and adults alike to create a truly hilarious experience. Pre Conker's Bad Fur Day, the squirrel we now know, was pretty harmless, making his drunken and obscene moments even more fun to watch. The game keeps to child-friendly theme thanks to its cartoonish design, but I dare you to play more than a few minutes without hearing a joke or innuendo!

Our favorite moment is Conker's encounter at poo mountain, where the poo song was born.

south park

2. South Park: The Stick of Truth

Players of South Park: The Stick of Truth could argue that the game is essentially like a half-season of the next South Park series, especially considering Trey Parker and Matt Stone worked closely on the game throughout its development with Obsidian Entertainment. As you'd expect, the game delivers on the unfiltered and racy humor we're used to from the TV show, and the creators haven't held back to provide the outlandish comedy aspect that will appeal to fans and newcomers to the franchise. The Stick of Truth does well to make fun at some of the big RPG titles out there, gripping players with laughter from the moment you enter your name and select a class.

Our favorite moment: "You entered 'Douchebag,' is that correct?"


3. GTA V

We'd expect no less from Rockstar to create a reconstruction of American life, to put their outrageous spin on something which we all know as Los Santos. Putting Trevor's outlandish one-liners aside, thanks to the open-world freedom GTA Five gives us, and we're genuinely spoilt for comedy gold. You spot a group of hikers away from the roads of the city and decide to take a tank to scare them off, that's fine and dandy! You're drunk out of your head, your wife needs a lift, what better way to collect her than in an aircraft!? These are just a couple of the insane realities available in GTA V, resulting in some pretty hilarious moments.

Our favorite moment: Infiltrating the LiveInvader social media giant, all while taking the role of a hipster from the Silicon Valley. 


4. Portal 2

The first installment of Portal was hugely funny, and if anyone could raise the bar, it had to be Valve. The Portal 2 story was much bulkier than its predecessor, meaning Valve could go that extra mile with their comedy references. GLaDOS alone brings some one-line zingers to the table, while new characters Cave Johnson voiced by J.K Simmons and Wheatley by Stephen Merchant are on another level.

Our favorite moment: Falling to your death, while GLaDOS in potato form essentially calls you a failure.


5. The Secret of Monkey Island

If salty humor, out-of-the-box audio-visual gags, and brilliant jokes tick the right boxes, then The Secret of Monkey Island has all the right ingredients. There is something to suit everyone's comedic tastes here, and some jokes are impeccably childish while the next scene features dry and sarcastic wittiness. The Secret of Monkey Island is one of the first games that lived up to the promise of being incredibly funny.

Our favorite moment: Distracting a guard with a literal red herring.