The games that are more than just a bump in the night!

When we think about the best horror games out there, most of us would think, blood, guts, and loud noises, but those scares often feel cheap and easy. Instead, we're in a time where the best of the best scare us using creeping and quiet cinematics that make us do all the work to scare the s**t out of yourself.

You're here to avoid those cheap thrills, so we've got a list that we are sure you'll find something on to give you the more sophisticated scare of your life.


1. P.T.

How the heck can a game that only has two letters be scary? Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro thought that was all that was needed, and boy was they on the right track. P.T. never became any more than a demo after the new installment of Silent Hill got the boot, but plotting players in an infinitely looping hallway was definitely enough to provide the scare of a lifetime. There are hundreds of ways, as you navigate the super-realistic corridor, that the game terrifies us. Many players need to keep the lights on to play this one, especially if using surround sound on a 4K T.V.! P.T. is clever as it doesn't present immediate threats, but instills terror in players due to the unknown of what's coming next. There might be nothing at all as you navigate the halls, or there could be a nightmare just waiting to kick in.


2. Resident Evil 7

When we put Resi 6 alongside Resident Evil 7, there's no comparison to 7 being the overall champion. Capcom has taken the successes of the last two decades to reinvent and modernize the series. Mysteries are well concealed, the story is fantastic, and the Bakers are a family no one would ever want to run into. The game is V.R. ready, thanks to the first-person stance, but personally, it felt ridiculously close, so it was better to opt for the standard version! Whether you play normally or go down the V.R. route, you'll feel uncomfortably immersed, and it'll take you a while to forget the horrors within. Safe rooms are supposed to be rest points, but following a boss fight or zombie encounter, you lose every feeling of it being your haven. Resi 7 came out to top the hopes of fans after 6 was a disaster, here's to Resi 8 coming our way!

RE2 Remake

3. Resident Evil 2: Remake

Considering it came to the PS1 over twenty years ago, it might surprise some that it's made its way onto our horror list. The game has been remade from the ground up that takes the backing of the original to create a game that feels completely different from the version from two decades ago. It takes old to combine with new, which works amazingly well to tell the story of Claire and Leon in the most immersive way possible. It takes the set pieces, the same story, and monsters of raccoon City and uses modern-day technology and gore to create a whole new experience.

until dawn

4. Until Dawn

The concept of teen slashers is not a new one by any means, but video games haven't really ventured into this territory other than the disaster of Friday the 13th on NES. A group of teens go on a vacation to a mountain cabin in the middle of nowhere, swiftly discovering someone is attempting to murder them. The game uses decision-based mechanics, meaning you'll decide the fate of each of the group - act fast and you might save them, be too slow, and they could run into a chainsaw. It's as simple as that. With all that though, the game takes any opportunity to scare the crap out of unsuspecting players. Much like watching the likes of the Scream movies, you see a girl hide in a cupboard, you know what's coming, but with until Dawn, you get to do something about it (or not).


5. Condemned: Criminal Origins

The second game in the Condemned series has a very Hannibal feel to it as you solve various murders that seem incredibly staged end up taking a very different direction to fool us players. Things take a turn for the worse as you follow open trails of blood and try to survive against the homeless attackers, and it's early on you discover that's lurking around every corner is much more than a murder. The game creeps around the unknown, making it unpredictable, which is scarier than knowing what's coming next!