Watch love blossom in a digitized world

Video games have evolved to the point where they’re capable of producing intricate journeys full of complex conflicts and endearing characters. The pixelated visuals of the past have transitioned into gorgeous 3D visuals that bring deep stories and relatable relationships to the forefront in a stronger manner.

Over the past few generations of gaming, we’ve come to truly appreciate the titles that present love interests that are worth interacting with. Some of gaming’s most popular franchises have showcased a slew of characters that players have followed during an epic adventure that leads to them eventually finding a love of their own. This list below compiles five of the best gaming romances gamers have ever been treated to. Enjoy your loved one’s company on Valentine’s Day by playing through one of these quality games with him/her and watching love blossom in a digitized world.


Squall and Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)

Winning the affection of an introvert is comparable to trying to beat a game on the highest difficulty. In Final Fantasy VIII, main protagonist Squall Leonhart initially came off as a cold-hearted child soldier who thought nothing of what little friends he had. But one lady did the impossible – she thawed out Squall’s icebox of a heart and caused him to abandon his off-putting personality. That lady is Rinoa Heartilly, a compassionate young sorceress who leaves a lasting impact on Squall after a ballroom dancing encounter. Over the course of FF8, Squall and Rinoa develop feelings for each other while they deal with warring factions, a supremely evil sorceress and even space travel. FF8’s lengthy journey was pretty exciting and part of the reason why is because of the developing relationship that played out between Squall and Rinoa.


Tidus and Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Final Fantasy knows a thing or two about producing magnetic personalities that pull us in from the word go. And as a franchise, it’s also known for delivering amazing plotlines filled with unforgettable moments. Final Fantasy X features both of those signature elements in the form of Tidus and Yuna, who caused everyone’s hearts to flutter during the cinematic sequence that saw both characters come closer during a late-night swim. Yuna’s overwhelming responsibilities would be too much for anybody to handle, but Tidus was there to ease her pain and give her all the optimism she needed. Tidus and Yuna grew stronger due to each other’s efforts and found a way to save their world from a threat that was once a reoccurring one. The love that grew between them provided the basis for Final Fantasy X-2, which goes to show you just how strong their relationship is.


Nathan Drake and Elena (Uncharted)

Opposites truly do attract, don’t they? The Uncharted franchise provides proof of that sentiment with the relationship between treasure hunter Nathan Drake and reporter Elena Fisher. Nathan’s affinity for involving himself in risky adventures usually put him at odds with the more compassionate Elena who takes the time out to balance out his more cavalier attitude. Both of them are similar in several ways, though – their sense of humor, high survivability factor, and unrivaled intelligence presented them as the perfect couple. The entirety of the Uncharted series helped develop Nathan and Elena’s affinity for each other perfectly and wrapped up quite nicely in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The heartwarming scene that saw both characters enjoy some Chinese takeout and a Crash Bandicoot session with each other was simply wonderful. Getting to see Nathan and Elena raise a daughter and enjoy their lives together in a safer setting was the final outcome both world travelers deserved.


Geralt and Yennefer/Trish (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Geralt of Rivia is used to doing battle with all manners of fantastical creatures. And he’s also used to putting his dry wit and mastery of Signs magic to good use during important character interactions. When the topic of loving just one person and settling down comes up, two women immediately come to mind within Geralt’s tumultuous life – Yennefer and Trish. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s well-told main storyline and side quests played out in the best way possible. The same can definitely be said about the different methods players could employ in an effort to woo either Yennefer or Trish. Making the right decisions leads to amazing moments and developing emotions that blossom between Geralt and either woman. And the storyline payoff for either relationship is worth the effort and a whole new save file for the woman you didn’t choose the first time around. Attempting to be a playboy and get both ladies to accept you as their lover leads to a hilarious scene that shows just how risky it is to be a player. Geralt’s options for love can end on a high note or a hilariously embarrassing one, which points to The Witcher 3’s emphasis on strong storytelling.


Commander Shepard and Anyone (Mass Effect)

Trying to save the galaxy with a slew of trustworthy companions by your side over the course of three games is a daunting task. But when the galactic adventures players embarked upon within the Mass Effect franchise were so enjoyable, that task became more of an enjoyable endeavor rather than a boring one. One of the ways in which Mass Effect presented a campaign worth seeing all the way through was via its implementation of romancing fellow shipmates. What gives Mass Effect a leg up on other games that offer romance options is its openness to LGBTQ relationships. As either male or female Shepard, you can end up loving and making love to men, women and even individuals that belong to an alien race. While the first game’s romance options were limited, the sequels managed to expand upon them and offer a deeper pool of characters to become attached to.