The most bossest bosses from across the series.

mega man

Mega Man 11 might have released back in 2018, but the Mega Man player base is still as strong as ever. With the release of the most recent game in the Mega Man franchise, what better way to reflect on the thriving franchise than to remember the best Mega Man villains of the entire series? The past 30 years have seen some challenging and fierce bad guys throughout the blue hero's history, but which ones come out on top as being the best?

When putting our list together, we looked at the Mega Man titles that fell into the mainstream series, in other words, the Star Force, X, Legends, ZX, and the Battle Network have entries we've not included in our list. Also, to note, although the Yellow Devil is epic, we've kept our list to Robot Masters only, so Splash Woman won't be making an appearance here.

Let's crack on with our list of the best ten bosses in Mega Man since the series first began.

elec man

1. Elec Man (Mega Man 1987)

Kicking off our top 10 villains list is a bad guy from the very first Mega Man game, Elec Man is one of the most memorable villains from the entire series. Some could argue he looks too much like the Electro we know from Spider-Man but considering Mega Man was 1987, there were lots of bad guys covered in lightning bolts that had electric super-powers. Robot Masters don't usually shoot electricity from their hands, but this is one boss that was able to. Doctor Light had his name to designing Elec Man (among the rest of the first wave of Mega Man Robot Masters).

skull man

2. Skull Man (Mega Man 4 1991)

Mega Man fans often compare Skull Man's powers to the Leaf Shield that Wood Man yields in Mega Man II; of course, it differs in the fact that he uses skulls instead of leaves. It's not too dissimilar to when Mega man obtains the Skull Barrier himself, although the main difference is he cannot throw it like he could with the Leaf Shield. Mega Man kept some consistency on Nintendo too, the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros., for example, utilized his Leaf Shield, but Skull Barrier was used as an alternative look.

astro man

3. Astro Man (Mega Man 8 1996)

We know what you're thinking, this is one of the weirdest looking Robot Masters across the Mega Man games, but that's not to say he's easy to come up against. Astro Man takes advantage of meteors to take down his enemies, instead of using flames, snakes, or blades. When Astro Man uses Astro Crush, it smashes everything on-screen, making him unbeatable while in use.

flash man

4. Flash Man (Mega Man 2 1988)

Okay, we get it, why the heck is Flash Man on our list? He could be referred to as the strongest Robot Master among our ten entries, I mean he can stop time! Considering the decade, Thanos-style time travel was unheard of! Taking his look and design into account, Flash Man did look like characters we know from Mega man X.

search man

5. Search Man (Mega Man 8 1996)

We felt Search Man was a worthy entry on our list. He's essentially the best of two Robot Masters. A sniper rifle is his primary weapon of choice, which forms the structure of his arm. Mega Man gets dibs on an epic homing shot, even if the sniper rifle doesn't piece together the whole search and rescue aspect.

shadow man

6. Shadow Man (Mega Man 3 1990)

It's a tricky one to decide who'd win out of ninjas or robots, but there's no harm in combining the two. The special weapon used by Shadow Man is a massive shuriken, and if Mega Man obtains it, he can launch it in the direction of his choice. When hit by an attack |Shadow Man can turn himself into a log, and even cooler, he can summon frogs, which make us like him even more. 

crash man

7. Crash Man (Mega Man 2 1988)

Bomb Man plus Guts Man combined could result in a pretty devastating name, so instead, the writers came up with Crash Man as a more suitable name. He has some insanely cool weapons, but his downfall is he has no hands. Using a drill the Blue Bomber can attach mines to any surface, can you imagine if a threat like that existed in the real world? Let's not consider that.

metal man

8. Metal Man (Mega Man 2 1988)

Another Mega Man 2 entry comes in the form of Metal Man. Ask any Mega Man fan their most memorable boss, and you can bet his name pops up. A funny weakness, epic weapons, and an unforgettable look are what made him extraordinary. There were always rumors going around that using Metal Man's weapon against him resulted in a one-shot finisher, and it was funny because you'd ponder as to why a boss would wear their weakness and make it so readily available.

sword man

9. Sword Man (Mega Man 8 1996)

Let's face it, swords that are up in flames are pretty fantastic, and Sword Man takes this to the next level by having an arm as a flaming sword. Not only that, Sword Man has a body that's split into two that can act independently of one another. A Mega Man fan designed sword Man and his Flame Sword attack made its way into Super Smash Bros for use by the little blue guy.

slash man

10. Slash Man (Mega Man 7 1995)

Last on our list is Slash Man, who is half Wolverine and half lion. At the time, he was the coolest Robot Master ever, with aggressive attacks, long sharp claws, and a mane. He was undoubtedly one of the most memorable villains across the mainline series, even if those tar eggs were a pain in the butt to dodge!

What were your favorite Mega Man villains, have we missed any you would have liked to see? Let us know!