SpaceX news got you ready for launch? These Four Amazing Games let you boldly go there!

Why let Elon Musk have all the fun? Launch your own history-making adventures in the stars with these four diverse and genre-defining games that are sure to scratch that space exploration itch.


FTL: Faster Than Light (Multiple Consoles, IOS, Android)

Faster Than Light IMG_1

Although we’ve never actually been to space, it’s easy to imagine that the whole affair can get a little overwhelming. You’re managing all kinds of complex systems, fighting aggressive aliens and managing your pesky oxygen supply. No game recreates this resource juggling better than FTL - where you’re responsible for keeping your ship intact, everyone onboard from getting sucked out of an air duct (or countless other just plain awful ways to die) and managing your space trip for financial gain. It’s completely stressful in the most awesome way, and we can’t recommend it enough.

Give FTL a try on mobile - the iPad if possible. The touch screen controls really add to the hectic experience.

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Homeworld Remastered (PC)

Homeworld IMG_1

Originally released way back in 1999, this incredibly rich and detailed space exploration got a gorgeous remastered edition in 2015, the result of which is a resource management sim that feels as fresh and innovative as anything that’s been released since. It’s real-time strategy in space, where taking care of your mothership and fending off alien advances is only the beginning. After hours and hours of addicting gameplay, you build a bond with your ship and your crew that's X-COM level emotional. If you like your space-themed games deep and complex, welcome Homeworld.

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The Outer Worlds (Multiple Consoles)

Outer Worlds IMG_1

Love some snark with your space RPG? Then Outer Worlds is your game. A bit lost in a sea of 2019 AAA releases, it features one of the most hilarious and strange game worlds Obsidian Entertainment has ever dreamed up - and that’s saying something since it’s up against the company’s own Fallout New Vegas and the masterful Pillars of Eternity. Great dialogue and deep combat in a space game that centers around an alternate timeline in which US President William McKinley was not killed by an assassin's bullet at the Pan Am World’s Fair in 1901? Yeah, it’s a little bit Outer there.

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No Man’s Sky (Multiple Platforms - Console and PC)

No Mans Sky IMG_1

No Man's Lie? Hoo-boy, did this one have a rocky launch. But the most important takeaway is that developer Hello Games turned what was a bait-and-switch, burn-them-at-the-stake narrative, and crafted a tale in which a scrappy little game company digs deeps and shows it’s true character - dedicating themselves rebuilding their game with the fans in mind, and in the process fulfilling the original planetary exploration promise made at launch. The result is an incredibly ambitious vision realized. It's interstellar space travel (san Christopher Nolan) through a full universe-worth of fascinating procedurally generated planets - crafting and harvesting and taming the local alien wildlife then darting off to the next planet in your slick little ship. We're living the dream, people...

No Man’s Sky now features VR support for an even more immersive experience.

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