The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived, Disney+ has finally landed in the US. There are some fantastic new series that we're all itching to watch, and there are some great sign-up deals for newcomers to get on board with. If you're yet to subscribe, the service is definitely worth taking a look at, and we've put this guide together to show you the best bundles before you sign up.

How to sign up for Disney+

Signing up for Disney+ is effortless, the core package costs $6.99 each month, click here to take you straight to the signup page. Before you do though, it's worth checking out the bundles available to new customers, such as paying $12.99 each month to nab Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. That's essentially the price of paying for Netflix!

An annual subscription to Disney+ costs $70, saving US subscribers $14 per month.

How to watch Disney+

Much like Netflix already offers, Disney+ allows for streaming across multiple devices. Most major smart TVs support the app, Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Xbox One and PS4 are all listed as being available for Disney+. You can also stream via a browser by simply booting up their website.

Disney+ versus other streaming providers

Let’s face it, if you love everything Disney, that means the Marvel MCU, Star Wars and the classic Disney movies then this is a no brainer. You will no longer be able to stream any of those movies or TV series with any other streaming service than Disney+, to begin with. The Aladdin remake or Loki TV show, for example, is only going to be available on Disney+, so viewers will have no option but to sign up to watch these. There's also a massive amount of new TV series penciled in for the coming months surrounding Star Wars and the MCU that'll only appear on Disney+.

The other aspect that makes Disney+ ideal is that it is perfect for families. No one will struggle to find something to watch. Whether its the huge selection of Disney classic movies like the Little Mermaid for the kids, or shows such as National Geographic targeted towards the older family members no one will have issues finding something to watch. Other than Netflix that isn't really offered with any other service.

The big selling point, however, is the price point of Disney+ versus other streaming providers. It outperforms its rivals in almost every instance.

If you're on the fence about committing to Disney+ they've made it one step easier. There's currently a seven day trial period which means you can try out the service, and so long as you cancel before the renewal you won't be charged anything.