The news we loved from Comic-Con@Home 2020

Underpromise and overdeliver. That's as appropriate a theme as any for a most unique Comic-Con@Home event that was short on hype, but in the end, managed to deliver some pretty cool news given the state of the entertainment world. Whether you attended in cosplay or bespoke business attire, with or sans pants, there was big news and big fun to be had across the annual event.

Here's a quick look at the stories that filled us with joy in our private little Comic-Con cocoon:

The @Home format felt warm and fuzzy

The events that kept us from San Diego this summer were/are pretty horrific, but the event itself felt like the most accessible Comic-Con program in a decade. We're not nuts, we know the Big Studio presence was all around us, but the whole thing had a more personal, geeky appeal than anything produced live over the past decade or so. Maybe it was Zoom meeting-esque setting for all the panels.

We may be stuck at home, but Keanu is living his best life

The man is back. But really did he ever leave us? Keanu had so much going on here that you could have called the event Keanu-Con@Woah. A Constantine sequel may be in the works, a new Bill and Ted movie is only weeks away, and the dude is co-creating a comic book series. What more could Neo fans ask for, except for Matrix 4 - which is also a thing that's happening. Joy overload, little dudes.

There's more Adventure Time coming!

Yes, that's an exclamation point in the header, and no, dear devotees of the Chicago Manual of Style, we will not remove it. We're just that thrilled. It's been two long years since the last episode of our beloved Adventure Time aired, and news of an upcoming special, Obsidian, coming to HBO Max has us using all kinds of illicit punctuation.

Superman and friends are going darker

The fact that Zach Snyder returned to Justice League to show off clips from his true director's cut of the film and also revealed a black suit for Superman seems somehow very fitting right about now. Zach's particular world-view seems on point at the moment. We know that the DC Universe may have had its ups and downs, but it's a better place to be with the visionary Snyder back in the mix.

Rick and Morty head for a half decade of excellence

We learned that Season 5 of the deeply disturbing always amazing animated Rick and Morty series is in the works. This is a good thing, as Season 4 is quality of the highest order - and there's still lots to explore in the Pickle Rick universe. This guy gets it.

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Reliable comedy duo makes funny ghost show

We have this recurring writer's nightmare that Edgar Wright is always online, reading our attempts at being funny - and just shaking his head in disappointment. And while the genius that is Wright may not involved with the new Amazon Original series, Truth Seekers, two of his closest creative compadres, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are on board. Given their Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz pedigree, look for a send-up of the paranormal hunter world to hit the mark.

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Bill and Ted are streaming in to save the day

It would have been a huge bummer to find out that Bill and Ted Face the Music was going to be delayed like so many other anticipated Hollywood hits scheduled to be released this year. But the good news out of San Dimas is that the sequel nobody knew they needed will be releasing on both streaming services and in theaters this September. Strange things are afoot in the 2020 film distribution world.

Star Trek has phasers set to…fun

That is a Simpsons joke. But this is real news: there's a lot of amazing content coming out of the Star Trek Universe in the next 12 months, and it's a pretty diverse lot. There's a comedy animated series Lower Decks, more seasons of Picard and Discovery, and even a show for young Trekkies, Star Trek: Prodigy coming to Nickelodeon. It's enough to generate yet another Simpsons reference: Star Trek 20/21: Be there AND be square.

It's going to be one Vallaha of a year

Assassin's Creed is doing it. Netflix is on board. The History Channel? Not so much. Comic-Con@Home brought news that a prequel to the beloved it's-not-Game-of-Thrones-just-give-it-a-chance, Vikings series would be appearing on Netflix and not the network known for fine dramatized historical content.

One more time, from all of us here at Subnation, if you want to be together next year in San Diego, be sure and wear a mask and practice proper social distancing. We love you too much not to keep saying that.