Twitch has evolved from simply a gaming platform to a place where creators of all disciplines can showcase their talents. From ASMRtists to chefs and of course, musicians, Twitch has become the place for folks to share their talents with the world. Here are just a few musicians who have a strong presence on Twitch: 

Matthew K Heafy, Trivium

Matt Heafy

The lead singer and guitarist of the metal band Trivium is a mainstay on Twitch. You’ll catch Matt prepping for a show, playing a rerun of a show that’s already happened, or killing time by playing Fortnite or Overwatch. Heafy is an incredibly entertaining streamer, being one of the first prominent musicians to really embrace Twitch as a platform for both gaming and music. He’s definitely a must-follow for any fan of rock music. 

Post Malone 

Post Malone

The popular rapper often streams his favorite video games, though he rarely streams any music-related content on his Twitch profile. He doesn’t seem to think he’s very good at video games, either. That being said, if you enjoy Malone’s quirky personality, you’ll love watching him play his favorite video games at all hours of the night. 

Lil’ Yachty

Lil' Yachty. Source: GQ
Image credit: GQ

Another rapper who seems to think very little of his gaming skills is Lil’ Yachty, an Atlanta, Georgia-based artist known for his trademark red braids and off-beat rap stylings. Yachty plays Fortnite most often, but has also been known to play the latest NBA 2K and Call of Duty games on stream as well. 



Deadmau5 is back after his ban for using a homophobic slur. The Canadian EDM kingpin returned in early March showcasing new music but has yet to get on the stick and play something. While he isn’t streaming as much as he used to these days, his backlog of videos is highly entertaining and is worth a trip down memory lane for fans of his music or fans of many games. A particularly fun set of videos are Deadmau5’s tryst with Cuphead, the difficult Xbox One and PC action shooter. 

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