Could we be seeing two fantastic game franchises coming to Switch?

A new rumor has emerged from Sabi, a popular source for games industry leaks, which suggests that paper Mario, alongside a new Metroid title, are set to make their way to Nintendo Switch in 2020


What we know about the Paper Mario and Metroid rumor

Sabi took to Twitter to dangle the news in a Tweet, which says that Paper Mario could be "going back to how it was" this year, which appears to suggest that we'll see a sequel to follow the Nintendo 3DS spin-off Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam back in 2015. Yes, please!

Sabi further added that a new addition to the Metroid series of a 2D design, (which is not Metroid Prime 4) is currently being worked on for a 2020 release in the latter part of the year. Sabi tells us the game "does, in fact, seem to be related to Fusion," which made it's debut back in 2002 on the GameBoy Advance. Sabi went on to say that this Metroid series addition appears to follow on from that game (Fusion).


Much like any leak that doesn't have a backing or more evidence, this rumor should be taken with a fine grain of salt for now. However, Sabi's twitter page does tend to have a solid track record when it comes down to predicting Nintendo's foreseeable announcements before their marketing materials have even been decided, so the claims shouldn't be disregarded.

For now, we'll all have to sit tight to see if Nintendo announces something more official. E3 2020 is a mere five months away, so there's nop doubt that Nintendo has some unannounced projects up their sleeve, so it'll be interesting to see of Paper Mario, and Metroid 2D is one of them.