Louis Vuitton and Riot Games release League of Legends-inspired clothing line

The apparel is reportedly based off champion Qiyana’s Prestige Edition skin

Famed fashion house Louis Vuitton has once again formed a unique partnership, this time with video game-making powerhouse Riot Games. The League of Legends developer and LV got together to craft a line of premium (and thus very expensive) clothing apparently inspired by one of the game’s most popular champions, Qiyana. The line will be known as the LVxLoL collection.

All of the pieces include liberal use of the French fashion brand’s iconic “LV” logo, as well as the flower and star pattern that adorns almost all of their products. Though not appearing as part of Qiyana’s skin, an interesting brown, white and blue tiger stripe pattern provides some continuity throughout the line. There is also a wide variety of pieces in the collection, from athletic leggings to wild platform oxford shoes. Of course, they all come at a premium price, with a zip-up hoodie selling for $2420, and a dazzling silver biker-style jacket going for an eye-watering $5650. 

While Louis Vuitton obviously took the lead when it came to designing the clothes and accessories themselves, Riot was more than happy to plug the collaboration to it’s more than 1.77 million Twitter followers. The company took to the social media platform on December 9th to make the announcement of the collection’s release, which even included a custom hashtag: “#LVxLoL is live. Shop the @LouisVuitton capsule collection inspired by the League of Legends universe, designed by @TWNGhesquiere now: https://riot.com/36sjdBh”.

In addition to the new line of clothing, the LV-Riot Games partnership has extended into other areas of the business as well. Back in September, the game company announced via press release that Louis Vuitton would be designing and manufacturing the trophy travel case for the 2019 League of Legends World Championship. The same release also mentioned that players can expect “unique champion skins and a capsule collection designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director of Women’s collections, along with other League of Legends digital assets.” Since then, it’s been revealed that Senna will be one of the beneficiaries of the designer. The new Champion will get an LV-branded Prestige Edition for her True Damage skin sometime in 2020.

The collaboration with LV is notable, but it’s not the first time Riot has reached out to the fashion industry to identify unique collaboration opportunities. Back in September, Nike revealed that the company had signed a deal to produce jerseys for all teams competing in the next League of Legends Pro League season in China.