All of the free ways to earn in-game currency


Most players would be lying if they told you they weren't fussed about getting more V-Bucks, we all want them! Epic Games adds new pickaxes, gliders, skins, and much more to the store almost every week, and to obtain these new items, you're going to need V-Bucks.

Rather than spending your real-world cash on V-Bucks, though, there are plenty of ways to get them for $0, which is likely the reason you're reading this. You don't need the Fortnite Battle Pass to participate in missions, but without this, you'll hit certain limitations. On the flip side of earning V-Bucks, there is also A LOT of fraudulent sellers out there offering players the chance to grab free V-Bucks for a fee. They are nothing more than scams; the only way to purchase V-Bucks is direct through the Epic Store.

Don't fret though; there are ways to earn V-Bucks without spending a penny, simply play the game.

Most importantly, avoid getting scammed.


Following Fortnite's climb to success, there are many scammers out there attempting to take advantage of unsuspecting players looking to purchase some Epic loot. You'd be amazed at how many unofficial and fraudulent sites there are, along with social media posts and YouTube clips offering free (but very fake) V-Bucks.

Never give them your account details, credit card, or personal info even if they say they are an official Epic Games supplier. Keep your distance as obtaining V-Bucks anywhere else than in-game is non-existant.

Progression equals V-Bucks

The simplest method of obtaining V-Bucks without shelling out cash is to complete Fortnite missions to gain experience points and leveling up. Both the free and paid Battle Pass systems will unlock new tiers as you progress through levels, with some of the tiers giving players 100 free V-Bucks to spend as they wish.

To level up, players need to get skills, obtaining experience bonuses, and being pretty ruthless while playing. All of these attributes provide experience points towards the next progression level, so it pays to play more!

Fortnite Save the World is next up


It might be a less popular mode now, but logging in daily offers login bonuses, rewards, and daily challenges applicable to Storm Shield Defense Missions. Although you'll need to purchase the mode for $40, these missions provide quick (but small) V-Bucks top-ups.

Complete these missions each day to earn thousands of V-Bucks, although if you're used to the Battle Royale mode, this is a very different play style and not for everyone's likes.

The free way to earn V-Bucks is not a straightforward task as you'll rack up a heck of a lot of playtime doing so before being able to purchase an item from the store at 1500 V-Bucks. That's not to say you should get discouraged though if that seems like a massive brick wall to success, purchasing a shiny new glider with your hard-earned V-Bucks is much more satisfying than shelling out $10 when there could be a newer model out next week!