The Hottest Game on Steam is All About Deceit and Mistrust and We Love It

Has there ever been a game more perfectly suited for our times? The surprise hit Among Us currently holds the top slot on the Steam sales charts - not because of any AAA status or rich graphic fidelity. It's a game that succeeds because of how unflinchingly and deliciously evil it is.

Among Us is a simple game where up to ten crewmates work together to prepare a spaceship for departure into the galaxy. There are jobs to do and roles to fill and everyone must do their part. So far so good.

Only problem is, one member of the crew, known as The Impostor, is a murderous rogue on a mission to kill everyone else on the team.

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Fail to uncover the Impostor and you die. Accuse the wrong person of being the Impostor and you die. Do the latter while playing with people you know and you die…and lose a friend IRL. Do your job like you're supposed to do and, well, you get the idea.

What other game has you calling emergency team meetings that have to be quick because the ship is falling apart and needs repair, and oh, someone sitting at this table might be trying to murder-death-kill us? No game does all of that. A tech startup? Maybe. But no other game. It's like FTL meets Clue.

Don't take our word for how enjoyable and maddening Among Us can be when playing with the right folks. Let's hear from the Steam commentors:

If this reminds you of your real life in any way, well, our apologies. But the sheer joy of trying to juggle the tasks associated with safe space travel and uncover the wolf in your midst, all at the low low price of $4.99 is in incredibly entertaining.

Check out Among Us - also available for iOS and Android - while the community is still at it's backstabbing best.