Help Flatten the Curve - Again - With These Holiday Weekend Gaming Events

A quick PSA before we begin: Wearing masks is super important right now! Please do it.

Sorry, we know that you’re here for a little escape, and that news from beyond the Shire is the absolute last thing you want to hear at the moment, but this is a big holiday weekend, and we want everyone to be considerate and look out for their fellow human.

And one way you can do just that is to STAY INSIDE over the fourth. And by “stay in” we mean “stay in and have the best time ever with these awesome gaming events that reward those of us who agree to the aforementioned simple social contract.” Do it, and the winner is you, friends.

Call of Duty Warzone

Looking for a way to be more social this Holiday weekend? And unload a virtual clip or two in the process? Why not do battle with 199 of your closest enemies in a life or death struggle that never ends. That’s right: 200-player Warzone is here and despite the fact that we envision many, many instant deaths for ourselves, the ambition on display here has to be commended. It’s so very...American.

Steam Summer Sale

While we never advocate the wanton spending of your hard-earned money, this is a Steam sale. And we are trapped inside. With our credit cards. Like all Steam sales, this one is filled to the brim with incredible deals on the games you’ve been longing to buy, and in our case, the games you never knew you needed. If we don’t buy Borderlands 3 at $24.99 it’s like LOSING $25! Build up that Steam backlog! It’s the American way!


We love Fortnite almost as much as we love the Marvel Universe. So when rumors began swirling that a Captain America skin would be making an appearance over the Holiday weekend in the Fortnite store, well, we were sorry we spent all that money on Steam. Why are we always so hasty? It’s a little on the nose, of course, as everybody knows that Tony Stark is the greatest American caricature, but we get it. And it is good.


Just play it already. No, there aren’t any special Valorant events around the 4th, but isn’t it about time you settled in and mastered the game that has owned 2020? Sorry, Animal Crossing. New agents are being added as we speak, and major pros from across the esports landscape are moving to the game, so why aren’t you? You can make your fireworks when you get there.

So from all of us at Subnation, please be safe this Holiday Weekend. We know that times are weird, but if we all take care of each other, and take the time to throw some cloth over our faces, July 4th, 2021 is going to look a whole lot different.