Finally a DBZ action RPG worth paying attention to!



January 17, 2020 looks like it’ll be a celebratory day for fans of Akira Toriyama’s global manga/anime sensation, Dragon Ball.

goku vegeta

After a regularly rewarding (and sometimes tumultuous) run within the realm of video games, Goku and his lovable cast of Ki beam flinging world saviors are finally starring in an action RPG worth paying attention to. If you’ve ever tried to scream as loud as possible on camera and tried to go Super Saiyan, then Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot should definitively be on your Dragon Radar.

goku vegeta 2

The premise behind Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is simple and straight to the point – it’s an epic action RPG that lets players actively participate in the events that transpired during the entirety of the Dragon Ball Z manga/anime run. That means everyone will get to take on the role of Goku and a few of his most powerful allies during the most iconic battles the series is known for. That means climactic clashes, such as Goku vs. Frieza, Teen Gohan vs. Cell and even Vegito vs. Super Buu, have been fully implemented for young and old fans alike in this big-budget release.

buu bite

What makes this new interactive Dragon Ball experience stand out from previous action RPG attempts is just how fully realized its open world and game mechanics are. The Z Warriors are able to soar through the skies and navigate memorable locales throughout the Dragon Ball universe as they engage in side quests, munch on delicious delicacies, interact with plenty of familiar NPC’s and even go fishing from time to time. There’s a lot to do in this Dragon Ball action RPG besides powering up and smashing in the heads of classic story arc goons – Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s usage of open-world exploration mechanics and anime filler content makes it far more substantial than one might expect.


CyberConnect2, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s chosen development studio, is known for bringing popular manga/anime worlds to life in video game form. Their storied work on games for series such as Naruto, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and even their own .hack franchise made them the perfect team to reach out to make this new DBZ game a reality.  The epic cinematic quick-time events that their Ultimate Ninja Storm games and Asura’s Wrath are known for means we’ll probably see our favorite DBZ moments in a flashier new light in this hype action RPG. The combat looks intense, the boss battles match the hype of the ones seen on classic episodes and there doesn’t seem to be a big focus on QTE’s to push the action. When the time comes to launch a Final Flash with Super Saiyan Vegeta, players won’t have to worry about inputting a required sequence of onscreen buttons just so they can pull it off.

meal time

Dragon Ball already has a long history of being featured in traditional RPG’s and those of the action variety. There’s certainly a collection of worthwhile releases, such as the Legacy of Goku series, both Xenoverse games, and even some of the earlier Famicom/Super Famicom titles. But there are several stinkers out there that are better left in the recycle bin (Dragon Ball Z: Sagas and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z are digital abominations). But with recent DBZ game releases, such as the Arc System Works developed Dragon Ball FighterZ and the addictive digital card game Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, things are looking up. 


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s early 2020 release looks to be the next installment in a long line of DBZ games that do right by the global manga/anime phenomenon it’s attached to.