Digging into Minecraft Dungeons? Read this first!

It sounds cool. And it is cool. But should you fork over your hard-earned dollars, AKA emeralds IRL, for this much-ballyhooed RPG done in the Minecraft style?



Sweet creepers, has it really been half a decade since Story Mode entered the scene and put a twist on the Minecraft formula? Granted, these days, 10 weeks feels like 22 years ago, but it’s still hard to believe we had to wait this long for another unique take on the still-dominant Minecraft IP. “It’s Diablo, but in the Minecraft Universe” is not a sentence we ever thought we’d type, yet here we are with the recent release of Minecraft Dungeons for consoles and PC. Let’s take a quick pass through the basics and find out if it's all worth a go!


What the heck is Minecraft Dungeons?

mc- 2 arch

Short answer: it’s an isometric hack-n-slash that oozes charm and cutesy appeal for days. It bears the name and look and feel of Minecraft, but that’s about where the similarities end.

Slightly less short answer: In Minecraft Dungeons you’ll play as Minecraft Universe resident Arch-illager. Poor Arch has been bullied more than an awkward virgin in a zany 80’s teen comedy - that is until he discovers an ancient artifact that allows him to wield tremendous power. Now those bullies are eating their words, and sampling the occasional taste of hot steel as sword-wielding Arch and his pals set off to right wrongs and get the world back on a proper course. Oh yes, it’s payback time...


Lo-Res of the highest quality


The blocky art style so familiar to us all via hours and hours of crafting and building in Minecraft has never ever looked better. Minecraft Dungeons explodes with color, and looks equal parts gorgeous and spooky from start to finish.


What about loot boxes and microtransactions? - Go ahead, tell me. I can take it.


You can open your eyes now, and breathe. Just breathe. In a smart move, and one that we wish EVERY publisher would emulate, Mojang has confirmed that microtransactions and loot boxes will not be a part of Minecraft Dungeons. Everything you need is inside, meaning all items you obtain will be done so based on your in-game actions. Emeralds are the in-game currency used to buy new gear, and you can also grab loot from downed enemies with everyone on your team benefitting unless its items like food which will go to the first to pick it up.


But there's still loot aplenty

In addition to nailing the fun factor, Minecraft Dungeons also understands one key principle: we’re all just in it for the loot. So if the thrill of cracking open a chest in the hope of finding that rare, epic item to carry into battle, or just show off in your inventory, this game will scratch that itch. You may even stumble into a hidden room or two before it’s all said and done.


Dig that enchanting enchantment system


The Minecraft Dungeons enchantment system determines which items you collect, and which bonuses are bundled with them. XP is required to increase the effectiveness and activate these bonuses, which should feel pretty familiar to anyone who’s played traditional Minecraft. Enchantments also help determine the different weapons which would look exactly the same without one.

With the use of enchantments, players can increase the impact of their build, and Mojang has not held back in giving players an unrivaled amount of power to play around with! Do bear in mind that enchantments can be used by players and mobs alike, meaning you could be in for an epic battle.


Are we getting some cross-play love here?


At launch, cross-play won't be available for Minecraft Dungeons. However, Mojang has confirmed that it is coming down the pike at some point. Windows Central posted that we should see crossplay for Xbox One and PC in the near future, although other platforms are, as of this moment, not a thing.

And there you have it. Enough intel to help you make a wise purchasing decision - or confidently discuss isometric Minecraft-inspired RPGs on a first date. We hope we’ve answered your burning Minecraft Dungeons questions, but if not, please leave us a comment below, and we'll dig up an answer for you!