Detroit: Become Human comes to PC, at last!

It seems like we've been waiting for a lifetime after Detroit: Become Human-made its debut on PS4 as an exclusive. Finally, though, the Detroit: Become Human PC release has been going to give ahead for release before the end of the year. 

When is the Detroit: Become Human launch day?

Let us start by saying you won't have to wait long at all, the Detroit: Become Human release date arrives on for PC on December 12th! The PS4 exclusive launched last year in April, so PC players haven't had to wait as long as titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, which took much longer to arrive for Windows gamers.

How much will Detroit: Become Human cost?

So glad you asked, players will be able to download and install their copy of the quick-thinking adventure title for $39.99. The game will only be available for download via the Epic Games Store (sorry to the Epic haters out there). And it won't feature any of the extra material that PS4 players received, such as the Director's Cut content. You will, however, have some tricky choices to make throughout the game, and for longtime fans, it'll give PC players a chance to finally see how many Androids survive, and who will meet a darker fate.

What is Detroit: Become Human about?

Detroit: Become Human is a futuristic thriller that centers around the choices each player makes, ultimately determining whether the three main android plots in the game end in survival or instead meet their doom. Marcus is an android who has one goal in mind; to prevent any more androids from having to serve the human race. Connor is an android whose task is to track down deviant androids to prevent malicious behavior that could interrupt the current level of wellbeing. Kara makes a run from the factory in which she was created to explore her newly discovered sentience.

There is currently no word from the game’s developer Quantic Dream as to whether they are working on a sequel or a new story, but moving forward the company aims to have their future titles readily available on all platforms.