The best methods to swipe a back-of-the-net finish.

To come out on top as a Fifa 20 champ, it goes without saying that tips for success are successful. You might think you know every trick in the Fifa 20 book, and even if you do, its worth having a guide to refer to as a refresher. Crossing lower, for example, will put your team in good stead to work with the way heading now works. Creating chances by using a player with over 90 pace is no longer a particular way of grabbing a cheeky goal. These are just a couple of the changes from previous Fifa installments, so if you want to get to grips with them all, make sure to keep reading.


1. Keep your real-life wallet close to your chest

Our list is by no means in a particular order of priority, but we thought it was best to put it near the top to help players secure more Ultimate Team wins. In comparison to previous games in the series, Fifa 20 makes it easier than ever to make coins in Ultimate Team, that's all thanks to SBCs (Squad Building Challenges). Spring open packs of silver or bronze, take on any available SBCs to build your squad rating and build your reserves of coins while doing so. You no longer need to spend your hard-earned cash!

keep the ball

2. Keeping the ball means A LOT

As we mentioned above, there is a wealth of changes in Fifa 20, and with that comes the fact that a player with pace is right down on the list of attributes you should be looking for. The playstyle has been given an overhaul, meaning you should be focusing your attention on possession and passing rather than worrying about a left-winger sprinting along the wing of the pitch. Keep through balls to a minimum, keep the passes flowing as often as possible, and take your time. It'll pay off.

no sprint

3. Sprinting with the ball is a no-go

This one links into the above possession tip. It's not unusual for us to run head-on into the opposing defense the moment you get the ball, but that'll also result in you losing possession pretty quickly too. Instead, release that sprint button on your controller as soon as you get the ball. Take your time, keep passing the ball around, and watch for your perfect opening. If you happen to pull off some impressive skills past a player, it's still worthwhile resisting that sprint button. If you are head to head with the goalie, then the sprint rule doesn't apply here, that's when pace is a necessity to get away from those defenders!


4. Low crosses for the win

If your sole intention is to land an epic goal in Fifa 20 from a cross, then the best crosses are those that are placed along the ground (tried and tested). It was much easier to land a header in previous games, it also less predictable in Fifa 20. For that reason, whipping the ball to an available winger could be the difference between a goal or a missed opportunity.

sweet spot

5. Hitting the sweet spot on the ball

When Fifa 19 came to console and PC, it brought us timed finishing, which has been carried across to Fifa 20. It could be considered a good or bad feature (depending on whether you let a goal in), but a timed finish in the green could land a good power shot from outside the box that arrives in the bottom-left corner. The timed finishing feature also applies to headers, hit that sweet spot with the likes of Messi, and you could guarantee a great finish.


6. Find your perfect formation

Every player is different when it comes to formations, so its essential to try them out to see which suits you best. If a configuration doesn't fit your playstyle, then it could be the difference between a win and a loss. If you fancy filling the midfield with a 4-5-1 formation, maybe you're a 4-4-2 deviant, or you want more of your squad attacking, then there's a range of options that fits every playing style.

free kick

7. The perfect free kick can be deadly

Fifa 20 has introduced a variety of free-kick possibilities which can be selected with your right analog stick. Try your hand at dipping the ball, opt for a curve, or test out a knuckleball, land it just right, and any of them can be hugely useful. It takes time to get to grips with free kicks, and the best way to practice is over at the shooting category of the skill games area. 

Its time to get back to the pitch, and start swiping some epic online wins!