5 In-Game Music Events We Need Immediately

Travis Scott threw a party inside Fortnite and it was good - it was also huge, millions came to watch the hip-hop artist's psychedelic performance inside the biggest game in the world. Proof of concept delivered and COVID still unconquered, others have followed the trend of crafting unique musical experiences online, including most recently, The Weekend's planned show inside "This-is-Fine-winner-of-the-week", Tik Tok. It's enough to get our minds racing about some other big name game-to-music crossover events we'd like to see in the near future.

COD Warzone x Metallica

Imagine blasting your way through the classic war-torn streets of Verdansk with the mind-shredding shrieks of a giant digitized James Hatfield just over the horizon, belting out Enter Sandman, Battery, or for that reverse meta experience, the anti-war war song, One. Oh ye gracious rock gods, make this happen. In the name of Lars, we implore you.

Red Dead Redemption II Online x Holographic Johnny Cash

The online portion of RDR II has had its share of problems. When players think developers are clowns and are literally dressing up as clowns to protest their inattentiveness to the community, things just aren't going super well. But a huge music event held inside the game would be just the thing to turn this ship around. And who turns a party around better than the digitized disembodied voice and image of the late Man in Black.

Imagine Digital Johnny lurking on the outskirts of every gunfight, or crooning onstage at a saloon casino event. This would be the absolute best and most immersive way to introduce a new legion of fans to one of the greatest country singers ever - performing in the best western-themed game ever made. Hella creepy too.

Animal Crossing x Tame Impala x Billie Eilish

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Find out by choosing which of the following two statements sums up your feelings about the last seven months on Earth:

"2020: If It Wasn't For Animal Crossing This Year Would Be Exponentially Worse"


"2020: A Year So Bad Even Animal Crossing Couldn't Make it Better"

It probably won't surprise you to learn that we fall in the latter camp, and despite putting hundred of hours into our island, such a cheerful game like Animal Crossing - perhaps the most happy game franchise ever - requires us to…take the edge off shall we say?

That's why our Animal Crossing in-game dream concert features something a little more emo. Billie Eilish and the brooding boys of Tame Impala could simply sail circles around our island singing about this lost love or that missed sunset or stupid prom date or whatever makes the kids sad these days. Whatever they're singing about, it's the sounds we need to really put our world in better perspective  - virtually and otherwise.

Tony Hawk 1 & 2 Remastered x Every 90's Power-Pop-Rock Band Ever

We're never going to realize our dream of a massively multiplayer persistent online Crazy Taxi, this is going to have to do. Even if we don't know the full online capabilities of this hotly anticipated remaster coming in September, let's see if we can think big here. If you were one-hit or even the rare two-hit wonder between the years of 1993 and 2002, and wore a goatee or a baseball cap turned sideways of some kind on stage, and were as white as the day is long, you are welcome to be a part of this ambitious mega-show.

Why is this first-ever in-game musical festival a doable thing? Smash Mouth, The Offspring, Sugar Ray, and Limp Bizkit and those who would imitate them are still the perfect background music for grinding out sick ollies and nosegrinds with the Hawkman AND more importantly, it's a safe bet that these…legendary performers are available to be scanned and inserted into the game like yesterday!

GTA V Online x Snoop x All Comers

The Snoop v DMX rap battle has come and gone without shaking up the world of hip hop, but that's only because they didn't use the right venue. GTA V Online, with its chaotic heists, kill-or-be-killed rule of law, and opportunity to learn a decent amount of Russian profanity, would have been the ideal spot. Why? Because imagine an aging or rising rap star challenging LA's greatest stoner treasure, and then literally having to chase him in a car throughout the realistic LA-inspired streets of Los Santos, swerving in and out of helpless fans and followers along the way to get him to accept. Now that we would pay to See!