Which game made the Devil cry the loudest?

Followers of the Devil May Cry franchise will recall that the series launched as Capcom's next big series entry following the success of Resident Evil. However, the success didn't quite match up as they expected. From that moment in 2001, though, the series has come on in leaps and bounds.

There have been a total of six games to enter the franchise, one of which includes the reboot of the original game. Capcom has taken everything we loved and hated about each game and attempted to make each installment more successful. Some of that success comes down to Hideaki Itsuno and Hideki Kamiya sprinkling their talent across the series.

cry 3

1. Devil May Cry 3


cry 3.2

You might have thought the most recent title of the series would make the top spot, but the PS2 classic Devil May Cry 3 was the most memorable, fast-paced, and challenging game of all of them. Dante versus Vergil is a showdown that resonates with us several years after the game's release, and it suffices to say that this entry offered some of the most iconic boss fights we've ever seen in the video game action genre.

cry 5

2. Devil May Cry 5



Next up is the most recent entry to the series, using the formula that we've grown to love is a title that adds flavor as a sequel in some breathtaking ways.

Dante, V, and Nero are all playable characters that provide a range of upgrades and options to experiment with to get to know your favorite. Not only that, but the replayability options are incredibly open, combining with an immersive story to create something genuinely amazing.

cry 4

3. Devil May Cry 4


cry 4.2

Devil May Cry 4 made its debut on Xbox 360 and PS3, introducing the character of Nero, a more youthful demon hunter with nothing but good intentions. Nero was a welcome alternative to Dante, wielding the iconic Devil Bringer with different objectives, which lead to a narrative that sucked us in with romance, demons, and evolving angels.


4. DMC: Devil May Cry


Okay, you might wonder why this entry is on our list, but the reboot warrants being in position 4. There's no arguing that a teenage, foul-mouthed Dante who slightly resembles the features of Justin Bieber is our playable character, but there's no denying there's a picturesque world that oozes hours of fun.

Design and creativity have met new lengths with this reboot in the world that surrounds you while you play, offering an atmosphere that moves under your feet while you scour the depths of the realm of Limbo. Vergil and Dante have had a revamp, and they're both pretty fun to play with.

cry 1

5. Devil May Cry


cry 1.2

Who'd have guessed the original Devil May Cry released almost two decades ago, and it still holds its own today with a well-defined combat system that's fast and reactive combined with Dante's skillset. The series wouldn't exist without the foundations of this one, and it opened the path for a franchise that continually surprises players with new characters and locations.

Although its part of the series, we haven’t included Devil May Cry 2 on our list, if you’ve played it you’ll understand why!