Choose the right Legend.

Thanks to such a variety of characters available in Apex Legends, there is a playstyle to suit every gamer. There are a total of eleven characters with more due to be added. No other battle royale title has characters like the ones in Apex, Octane, the speed-devil, and Gibraltar the human tank are not to be messed with. Although it's tricky to decide on the best character choice, we're here to help you to decide.


1. Bangalore - Professional Soldier

For any Apex beginner, Bangalore has to be the most straightforward character to choose from. Bangalore is the best character for running and gunning, and if she gets shot while running, she can use her Passive Ability Double time to move even faster. Her Tactical Ability is a crushing grenade launcher that deals damage while dealing with a wall of smoke at the same time, which helps to tamper with the enemy's vision. Rolling Thunder is her ultimate ability, which fires a ton of missiles that rain down from the heavens to the spot that she throws the beacon, although enemies could escape as they take seconds to detonate.


2. Gibraltar - Shielded Fortress

Gibraltar is essentially a human tank. Even though his health is just as penetrable as the other characters, defense abilities are what make him unique, although his Ultimate Ability is far from being defensive. While aiming down sights, Gibraltar is invincible to headshots while using his Passive Ability, which is extremely handy. The Dome Shield is his Tactical Ability, throw the shield and hide inside the dome for cover from incoming shots. His Ultimate Ability is a massive Carpet Bomb which obliterates anything in its path.


3. Lifeline - Combat Medic

As her name suggests, this girl is all about helping others. Her Passive Ability equips a shield around her when she stops, allowing her to revive fallen allies. Her Tactical Ability, however, known as Drone of Compassion, will enable her to throw down a similar pack as the campfire in Fortnite, where team members can stand and recover. Her Ultimate care Package comes in useful if your allies return from a fight alive but are all low on health, it drops a pack full of high gear such as new armor and helmets to medkits.


4. Bloodhound - Technological Tracker

Bloodhound uses a Passive Ability called Tracker to trace the footsteps of enemies, and once he tracks them, he can use his Tactical Ability to pinpoint enemies nearby, although it's not great for more extensive coverage.  His Ultimate allows increased speed for 35 seconds, highlighting enemies in red, which includes their footsteps as well as tracking how recent a zipline has been used.


5. Caustic - Toxic Trapper

You'll have to unlock Caustic by paying cash or saving up Legend tokens to play as him. When you do, he's the toxic gas man.  Nox Vision is Caustic's Passive Ability, allowing him to see enemies trapped in his smoke. His Tactical will enable him to throw a trap which, when enemies run over it, emits damage-dealing toxic gas.  Caustic's Ultimate isn't too dissimilar. Instead of a trap, he uses a grenade which fills a larger area with toxic smoke.