Anyone for a sugar cube!?

Just when you thought you'd gotten enough stable action in Red Dead Redemption 2, out of nowhere comes a new Netflix movie that seems like it's going to push the limits like never before. Horse Girl stars Alison Brie as the latest adventure from Netflix that blow normality out of the water. The Horse Girl trailer is available right now to watch here

Breaking down the Horse Girl trailer

At the start of the Horse Girl trailer, it appears as if we're watching just another rom-com, but the tides soon turn into something far more exciting with alien abductions and not forgetting the star attraction; lots of horses!


BoJack Horseman is another Netflix installment that Alison Brie has her name to, so it seemed only fitting for her involvement in the Horse girl movie. Brie stars as Sarah, the polite and bashful worker at an art store, who soon falls head over heels in love with her friend's friend Darren. Following on from an emotional life consisting of visits to her mother's grave and low-energy Zumba, Sarah moves on to become the happy pepped up woman she once was. Pretty standard, right? Girl meets the love of her life, and they live happily ever after.


Things soon take an unexpected turn for the worse, with the trailer starting to loop awkwardly. Next up, we hear talk of aliens, yep you heard that right. Netflix' Horse Girl soon turns from a comedy you wouldn't give the time of day for into a one-stop flick of your favorite sci-fi shows compiled into one movie. After you've watched the trailer in its entirety, you'll no doubt have come up with your own theory, but you'll also be left with A LOT of questions too when it airs on February 7th.


How the heck can Sarah suddenly hear what the future holds? Is Sarah basically her own grandma? Is Sarah able to transform into a horse at night, making the Horse Girl movie title seem somewhat explainable? If you've taken away nothing else from the trailer, its certainly a clip that you'll want to discuss more with your friends. Whoever you decide to tell, let them watch the mid-trailer twist for themselves (that means no spoilers).