Hollow Knight Piano Collection Arrives

Gamers can now get even closer to the world of Hollow Knight, that's thanks to the introduction of the Hollow Knight Piano Collection.


And sheet music is on the way too!

Those who adore the soundtrack from popular video game Hollow Knight can now get their hands on the Hollow Knight Piano Collection, which features a generous fifteen tracks from the game. 


Fans can be sure they're getting the best bang for their buck, knowing that video game music giant Materia Collective have put their name to the collection. The publisher already has some hugely successful works to its name, such as the Undertale Piano Collections, and they've also teamed up with Team Cherry to ensure the Hollow knight collection meets the highest of standards.


David Pocock, who is known for working with hugely successful video game composers Gareth Coker and Austin Wintory, has taken the tracks from Christopher Larkin (Hollow Knight's composer) and completely rearranged the tracks. Augustine Mayuga Gonzales performs the tracks that feature in the Hollow Knight Piano Collection. Gonzales has worked on a variety of albums, which include work for Hyper Light Drifter, Undertale, and the popular Stardew Valley game. The Piano Collection tracks include various themes such as Hornet, the Forgotten Crossroads, Dirtmouth, and the City of Tears, to name a few.

sheet music

Peacock states, "Working on Hollow Knight Piano Collections has been a deeply rewarding experience," and further adds, "My goal was to put together a selection of arrangements that both compliment the original material, and are expanded upon by the qualities and aesthetics of the piano performance. Enter the world of Hallownest as conveyed by my pianistic reinterpretation of Christopher Larkin's brilliant score."


The hollow Knight Piano Collection made its debut on November 28th, 2019, and is available to purchase instantly as a digital download from the Materia Collective store directly. If having the collection on a physical medium is more your thing, though, you can also get the collection on CD and vinyl from Materia too. 


If you think you're up to the challenge, there is also sheet music due to arrive early this year so you can try and play out the tracks on your own.