Tips and tricks to succeed in the frosty expansion

With the release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on PC in 2020, console players have already gotten off to a head start on the way the expansion plays and the monsters they'll encounter. For PC players, the Iceborne experience is still pretty fresh, and it suffices to say that it's as complicated in style, if not more than the core game. 

Even if you've taken a break from the game, the mechanics of Iceborne assume you've been continuously playing the original to this point. With that in mind, we've put together a list of the best tips and tactics to be successful in Monster Hunter: Iceborne. This guide is intended for the newcomers on PC and still applies to those that need an all-round refresher to the playstyle. 


1. Master aggression and defense

Our first tip is undoubtedly the most important in our guide. To progress towards defeating the elder dragons in Iceborne, you'll need to learn some new skills. The trickiest skill to master is trying not to get killed while keeping your aggression raised. Every hunt in Iceborne lasts for fifty minutes, and as quests get harder, you should try and get up in the monster's face rather than play it safe, if you don't you'll die. That's especially true when facing elder dragons. 

Next up is mastering defense, learn to dodge and take a potion when needed as defending, especially at Master rank, is going to be tough. If you merely defend, you'll find yourself out of time.

Hot Drinks

2. Nulberries and hot drinks are your saviors

|Players find out early in the game that Hot Drinks help keep you warm, which aids in reducing your overall stamina (in addition to standing in a hot spring). Keep a good stock of hot drinks to hand to avoid having to leave a fight to grab a Hot pepper.

The Hot Drink alternative is Nulberries, which cure status effects such as Iceblight inflicted by a monster. Fill your inventory with Nulberries before entering a fight to put you in good stead. You'll notice these items when they're gone, at a point where you desperately need them!


3. Palico upgrades for the win!

Hunting alone rather than in co-op can be challenging, but you always have your trusty Palico to help you in tricky situations. Whether you hunt as one or with a friend, make your character upgrades such as armor and weapons secondary. Instead, focus on new tools for your Palico. An unequipped Palico and a geared up one can make a huge difference in battle if they can carry their weight. To unlock new abilities for your Palico's gadgets, you need to level up your tool


4. Tailraiders are super useful

Tailraiders are cats that help you in battle and can be found when the small cat icons appear on your map. You can also find them using the Tailraider signal obtained in Hoarfrost Ridge from BoaBoa. Leave the fight and grab another Tailraider if it dies in battle, as the damage from traps they deal in action makes a huge difference.


5. The Steamworks and the Garden provide item top-ups

When losing a fight, you'll also lose any items used, which could mean a load of potions going to waste.

To ensure you have a supply of resources in Iceborne, it's worthwhile using The Garden to top-up your potion stocks. Here you can grow Nulberries, honey, and herbs to help replenish some of those lost resources.

The Steamworks, on the other hand, is the better option to replenish your entire inventory. You can get an array of random items by building steam for seliana. Stop off here once and a while to get some restocks, which often includes mega potions.

Mastering the art of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is no easy task, and if you don't take the challenges head-on, you'll fail miserably. If you want to be the very best hunter, it'll take dedication, endure, and you'll be rewarded with the most pleasing gameplay of 2020.