Gap x Yeezy: Just When You Think You’ve Seen it all in 2020

Gap x Yeezy? Did we read that right? Did we eat too much deep dish pizza before bed and this appeared to us as some kind of crossover fever dream?

Well, it is 2020, and seemingly anything can happen, including the alien invasion coming Christmas Day. Oh, you think that’s far-fetched? Just remember where you read it first.

The thing about The Gap and Kanye West in 2020, is that both are in desperate need of a turn-around. The Gap because it was already struggling before COVID wreaked havoc on brick and mortar-based brands around the world, and Kanye because…well, we don’t really need to get into that, do we?

All that being said, this has the potential to be one hell of a drop - and a game-changer for everyone involved.

So what’s the plan?

Kanye signed a 10-year contract that begins in 2021 with the introduction of the Yeezy Gap line in all Gap stores and online. In his role as Creative Director of Yeezy Gap, The Gap is looking to West to create, according to a company spokesperson, “modern, elevated basics for men, women, and kids.”

Insiders from The Gap, speaking anonymously, have estimated the contribution of Yeezy Gap at a potential $1 billion annually to the company’s sales figures. That’s a huge number when you consider that The Gap’s annual sales have fallen to about $4.5 billion a year in recent years.

And if this is a big deal for The Gap, it might be an even bigger one for West. This is the first true mass-market play for Kanye/Yeezy, who routinely sells $1,000 men's sweaters at exclusive boutiques around the world. It’s a risk for his brand, but one that could pay off big time. Just ask Martha Stewart.

Even though West is having one of the worst self-inflicted years ever, this is Yeezy we’re talking about. Plenty of smart people have doubted him before, and ended up being dead wrong. Kanye has tremendous creative instincts. We’re talking about the kind of talent you can’t teach. And if anyone can turn around a brand’s fortunes, he’s the man. At least that’s what The Gap is hoping.