Before starting your journey in Death Stranding, every player will be tasked with answering a question that will determine your overall Dooms ability. Players need to enter their birth date as "DOOMs abilities vary according to date of birth." If you've already started Death Stranding, then you'll know how much of a part constellation play in the story, and as a result, we all want to get the best out of the game. 

Understanding Death Stranding constellations

Unfortunately, unless you know this before you enter your birth date, you'll be unaware that particular birth signs have stronger Dooms than others. The news isn't communicated until you hit that submit button after entering your birthday, you're welcome! As the game explains, "higher levels of DOOMs abilities have been observed in those born under constellations such as Cancer, Pisces, Cestus, Delphinus, and Gigas." Pisces and Cancer are well-known, but heck knows where the rest of these star signs sprung from.

Modern astrology tells us about all of the star signs we know about today, but in short, the rest of the star signs listed above are in fact constellations, they are just unheard of to the average person. In other words, if you set your birth date to one of the star signs as mentioned above, you'll begin the game with a stronger Dooms capability.

What this translates to isn't public knowledge, as speaking with players who've got birthdays dotted across the year and having a stronger Dooms ability, there is no noticeable difference to the game. It wouldn't be fair to think you're one of the guys with bad birthdays with a weaker Dooms presence, and find the game harder as a result would it?

Here are the birthdays with stronger Dooms abilities

Cancer - June 21 - July 22, Pisces - February 18 – March 20, Cestus - November, Delphinus - September, Gigas - January

Both Cancer and Pisces are birth signs, whereas the unusual ones are, in fact, constellations that can be better identified during the dates listed above.

Those interested in astrology might find it interesting to know that Delphinus is often referred to as the 'Dolphin' constellation, while Cestus is known as being the 'Whale.' Gigas, on the other hand, is named after a giant hunter who appears in Greek Mythology as someone who had the intention to kill every living animal on the planet. The giant hunter is said to have been called Orion, which is what Gigas translates into. None of these facts tie into Death Stranding, however, so there's no need to lose any sleep over this.

If you want to choose the star sign to ensure you have the best Dooms ability, then Pisces or Cancer is the way to go, not that it has any apparent benefits of doing so just yet. If you've already chosen your birth date, the likelihood of you being at a disadvantage in-game over other players is very small.