Arc System Works’ magic touch when it comes to anime-based fighting games is undeniable. Thanks to their genre expertise, the Japanese development studio has crafted amazing original fighting game franchises and fun spinoffs for Fist of the North Star and Persona

The biggest Arc System Works fighter to date has to be 2018’s immensely successful Dragon Ball FighterZ. For years, countless fans of the iconic manga/anime have cried out for a proper 2D fighting game. Once Dragon Ball FighterZ became a reality, fans and even non-fans hopped onto the fighting game’s bandwagon and turned it into a must-see game at major/minor FGC tournaments. The game’s launch roster featured a who’s who of Dragon Ball Z/Super characters that fans simply adored. But the two seasons of DLC that eventually came to Dragon Ball FighterZ breathed even more life into the game and made it worth returning to time and time again.

Bardock, Broly (DBZ), Vegito (SSGSS), Zamasu (Fused), Android 17 (DBS), Base Form Goku, Base Form Vegeta and Cooler (Final Form) made up the basis of the game’s first season of DLC. The second season brought along with it Jiren, Videl, Goku (GT), Janemba, Gogeta (SSGSS) and Broly (DBS). We hope that’s not the end of Arc System Works’ DLC plans for Dragon Ball FighterZ, however. There’s plenty of gas left in the tank for the anime fighter and a slew of awesome characters that belong on its massive roster.

Which is why we’re here to compile a list of characters that would make for the best roster additions within a third season of DLC.


Goku’s savage sibling didn’t get enough screen time, in our opinion. Raditz’s debut during the very first story arc of Dragon Ball Z saw him go to war with Goku and Piccolo in an exciting handicap matchup. Raditz didn’t last too long, however. But he still left an indelible mark on the series’ fandom and even popped up in a few Dragon Ball Z games over the years. Now’s the perfect time for Raditz to step into the world of Dragon Ball FighterZ and realize his full potential. We’re ready to unleash his weekday-themed special moves all over the competition. His “Dynamite Monday,” “Saturday Crush” and “Double Sunday” maneuvers need to be replicated in gorgeous 2D animation.


Pikkon deserves more respect. He’s just not some worthless throwaway character – he’s a unique martial artist who even gave Goku a run for his money in the Fusion Reborn movie. The green-skinned hero is a proud warrior that’s capable of unleashing some pretty unique maneuvers. He can encase himself in a blue sphere of energy and rush his opponent, surround himself in flames for a heated attack, unleash a bevy of devastating kicks and finish off his foes with a fiery tornado. That “Hyper Tornado” move of his is also pretty dangerous, too. Pikkon’s moveset helps him stand apart from everyone included in Dragon Ball FighterZ’s roster, which makes him a prime candidate for the game’s season three DLC roadmap.


The undisputed “King of the Demon Realm of Darkness” is a force to be reckoned with. Once he made his presence felt during the “Buu” story arc of Dragon Ball Z, he gave everyone plenty of reasons to fear him. Like Janemba, Dabura can cut through anyone in his path with a massive blade. Along with his trusty sword, Dabura can also tear into his foes with an “Evil Spear” and a collection of beam attacks powered by dark energy and flames. It’d be pretty awesome to see him wield his “Stone Spit” ability as a powerful super move that can lead to the immediate destruction of anyone unlucky enough to get hit by it.

Omega Shenron

One of the few redeeming parts from Dragon Ball GT is its final big bad, Omega Shenron. The uber-evil “Shadow Dragon” is a massive brute with a cool looking design to boot. It took forever and a day to unlock him Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, but he was well worth the effort. We’re very open to seeing him pop up in Dragon Ball FighterZ and unleash his evil power upon the game’s massive cast. Omega Shenron can utilize all of the powers of the other Shadow Dragons, plus he can unleash a wicked dosage of lightning and blow up everything in his vicinity with a “Negative Karma Ball.” Omega Shenron is the only other GT character that belongs in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


A common complaint about Dragon Ball FighterZ is the game’s lack of female characters. Sure there’s Android 18, Android 21 and Videl. But there’s clearly room for another lady combatant to enter the arena. Enter Kefla, the “Potara” earrings fusion formation of Caulifla and Kale. During the “Universe Survival” saga of Dragon Ball Super, Kefla became a badass “Super Saiyan” who wreaked havoc during the series’ final tournament. Her moveset consists of a powerful energy-assisted punch, a few beam abilities that are similar to Broly’s signature attacks and a double-handed energy blast that’s tailor made for her most powerful super move.



The leader of the heroic “Pride Troopers” from “Universe 11” should join Jiren in Dragon Ball FighterZ, shouldn’t he? He certainly proved his worth during the Universe Survival tourney and lasted until the closing moments of the entire saga. Toppo’s a lovable guy, but he’s a frightening powerhouse that shouldn’t be messed with. His moveset would consist of cool fighting poses that calls on the assistance of his fellow Pride Troopers, which would make him similar in playstyle to Captain Ginyu. But Toppo could stand apart from Ginyu by tapping into his other abilities, such as his “Justice Flash,” “Justice Rear Naked Choke,” and “Justice Mount/Tornado” grapple combo. As for his final super move, having him activate his “God of Destruction” form and send out his “Sphere of Destruction” ultimate attack sounds about right.

Master Roshi

Dragon Ball’s most dangerous senior citizen is ready to show all them young folks how it’s done in Dragon Ball FighterZ. He’s responsible for passing on his martial arts mastery to Goku and Krillin, but he’s still a formidable fighter in his own right. Once he goes all “MAX Power” and grows in size/strength, Master Roshi morphs into his finest form. This form should be playable by default in Dragon Ball FighterZ, shouldn’t it? If this ever became a reality, we’d love to Master Roshi pull off his “Turtle School Ultimate Fist,” Rock, Scissors ‘N’ Paper,” “Drunken Fist” and “MAX Power Kamehameha” maneuvers. Master Roshi is an OG that’s more than deserving of a spot on Dragon Ball FighterZ’s roster.


Our final pick is entirely a joke character. But he’s a joke character that could be a tricky fighter that’s more capable than everyone’s expecting. Hercule would adopt a fighting style (and a trusty jetpack) that could turn him into a surprising threat within Dragon Ball FighterZ. Besides his array of “dynamite” punches and kicks, Hercule’s moveset could tap into his use of bombs that are delivered as presents. Hercule could definitely be played up for laughs, no doubt. But in a team-based fighting game like Dragon Ball FighterZ, his chances of actually winning a hard-fought battle would be shockingly high.

Bonus – New Stages

And for God sake’s, can we get some new stags to do battle in? Here’s a few that Arc System Works should consider – the “Hyperbolic Time Chamber,” the “Tournament of Power” arena, the snow-covered planet from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie and the battlefield specially made for the “Tournament of Destroyers” saga.