It’s about that time again, and perfect timing too if you forgot to pick up a Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone. We’re back once again to give you solid thoughts and recommendations to show off your style and flair, while also expressing your geek cred. Critical Hits and Misses is going to focus on one thing this time however, showing the one you’re interested in this Valentine’s that you’re their best Player 2 to have nearby. But if you’re going solo this season, we still have some cool things to show that’ll express to everybody how you’re the best guardian at the Tower, the coolest mage at the ball, and the flyest MVP getting Play of the Game.

As usual, we rank what we look at on a very simple and straightforward system. The 5-point scale that will let you know what is good, and what is definitely bad. EPIC WIN, Cool, Okay, Meh, and FAIL. We’ll be able to give you recommendations of various brands, clothing items, and much more. Everybody’s style might be different, but trust us when we say we got you covered this Valentine’s Day season.


Jinx Clothing

Now don’t worry! The phrase “jinx” might imply bad things, but what’s going on with this brand is anything but that. J!INX has a lot of great clothing options for both men and women that are different than what you’d find in a standard clothing outlet. You can find many original style designs based on various gaming franchises, including games like PUBG, Overwatch, and many other big titles. The designs aren’t always direct with what they reference, so you may need to have some background knowledge on a few things to get them, which may or may not be a great thing for some. In addition to shirts and hoodies, J!NX also has pants and other accessories that you can get to compliment what your personal style may be. If you’re a big role-playing game fan and want to get decked out in clothing to show that, you can do so without coming off like a walking advertisement for your favorite game.

There are differences in what’s available to both men and women, with some being exclusive to one side or the other, but there’s already plenty to explore so you won’t feel like you’re truly missing out. The only downside is there’s a limited amount of gaming franchises that are featured with J!NX’s clothing. If you were hoping for a wider pool of games that are represented, especially indies or lesser known franchises, you might be a little disappointed. But that doesn’t stop J!NX from having great stuff to pick up. If you’re looking to get a gift for someone special this season, they even have packaging and gift box options for anything purchased. For that special Overwatch teammate in your life, or simply just a treat for yourself, you can’t go wrong with checking out J!NX for a cool addition to your wardrobe. 

Insert Coin – COOL

Insert Coin Clothing

Let’s take a look at another great source for clothing that gamers are going to really want to check out. Insert Coin is a smart choice for anybody who wants to get somebody a gift for the season or pick up another item to show off their stylish fandom. Insert Coin has a lot of designs for t-shirts on all sorts of gaming properties, including many retro franchises that aren’t focused on by other outlets. For both men and women, you can find many unisex items and great exclusive shirts and hoodies that have unique designs and game logos. There are some options for leggings for women and vests/jerseys for the guys to wear, however they don’t much to choose from at the current moment.

We recommend taking a look at the hoodies they have on display. With a great mixture of new stuff and old stuff, Insert Coin definitely reaches high when it comes to showing off one’s fandom for a specific series. If you like retro games on the Mega Drive or original PlayStation, then a few of the series callouts will speak to you. The designs on the hoodies look great and can cover most of the clothing’s surface, like the tattoo that Kratos has from the God of War series. But if you just want a simple logo or fun nod to another game you love, then there’s a whole bunch to choose from. While we wish more games would get represented in their collection, as well as more options of clothing to pick from, we can’t help but show some love for what Insert Coin brings to the table.

Since this is Valentine’s Day season, let’s give everybody a bonus. We like getting into the holiday spirit of love, so here’s another quick pick from us to you. Why? Because we like you a lot!

Merchoid – EPIC WIN

Merchoid Clothing

If you want variety outside of just video game stuff, then you’ll be smart to check out Merchoid. Whether it’s clothing for yourself or somebody close, there’s a lot to pick from here. Merchoid has an assortment of more than just clothing, including accessories and gift options for anybody in the geekdom space. This includes comics, television shows, movies, anime, and everything in-between. If you’re on a budget and still want to get something nice to wear, Merchoid will more than likely have something solid to order for the occasion. Grabbing a gift for a lucky person in your life from here will be a solid choice that will make them appreciate you even more. But if you’re single and ready to mingle among the fellow geeks around you, then there’s no better way to express it than getting something from Merchoid that makes you look good.

For specifically clothing, there’s a wide range of shirts and other outerwear that touch on most fandoms. The design options for multiple franchises are great and could go well with any of the additional accessories they offer in relation to what you search for. There’s even underwear and pajama selections that look just as good as the regular clothing. The mixture of new and retro fandoms is vast, especially if you’re looking for something new or in the spotlight right now. Stuff like bags or wallets for both men and women have great variations for the same franchise, especially with the backpacks and messenger bags that will stand out to everybody. There’s not much to get down on here, outside of maybe a few series that don’t get featured in the selections, but there’s already a ton of other stuff here to satisfy any customer. You’d have to look real hard to find something you like that you can’t buy a piece of clothing or accessory for here.