Why can’t a great sense of style and your geek-cred coexist together? While that may have been something that lingered around many social and professional circles for decades, this stereotype has been changing for a while. No longer is one’s enthusiasm for geek and nerdy things something to hide from everyone, but instead something to embrace and show off to your family and friends. But what are some of the best places to do so and how can you really tell if what you’re wearing is really the best for your style and fandom? Well you came to the right place, because it’s dangerous to go out there alone without the knowledge and insight that we can give you.

This is what Critical Hits & Misses is built for, helping you discover and build your style while also expressing your love for the things that speak to you the most. Got an affinity for Nintendo characters or want to find a good piece of Star Wars clothing for a night out? We’ll let you know which places have what you need, as well as the spots you need avoid like a pile of bantha fodder. How we’ll do this for you is based on a simple 5-point scale, which will clearly and simply convey whether we recommend something to you or not.

EPIC WIN – We highly recommend you check this out. Something like this will make you walk around feeling like you’ve found all seven Dragon Balls, successfully blew up the Death Star, and saved the land Hyrule once again this week. AND you look good with it too!

COOL – We like it and suggest you check it out. What’s here looks good and expresses your fandom very well. Though it might have a few hiccups here and there, you’ll still take pride knowing your geek cred is just as high as your style.

OKAY – Everything rated here is just okay at best. Nothing extraordinary, but nothing too bad that you should avoid. Might not be for everyone, but the majority of stuff here is average at best, but may still be stylish in its own way. 

MEH – Stuff here is somewhat passable, not really good or great however. Less than okay. Whether it’s your style or fandom, something is definitely off. We recommend caution with anything here. 

FAIL – HARD NOPE!!! You don’t want to linger around for very long. Rating something like this is the equivalent of us telling you “What’s wrong with you? Go change your clothes!” with a straight face. We need to be honest with you after all.

With this five-point rating system, we’ll be able to help you with recommendations of various brands, clothing items, and so much more going forward. Everybody’s style might be different, but we can definitely give you more insight that will assist you in many ways with whatever is your fandom. SO let’s take a look at two brands that are polar opposites of one-another on our scale.

ThinkGeek – EPIC WIN

Think Geek Logo

Let’s start out with one of the most popular spots that people get nerdy apparel, ThinkGeek. If you’re looking for something that makes you look slick and matches your favorite gaming or sci-fi show, chances are you’ll probably find something from ThinkGeek. There’s a ridiculous amount licensed merchandise from just about anything. Want a rob that makes you look like a Jedi master or a onesie that lets you dress like an anime character? ThinkGeek more than likely has a few variations on both. It’s because of this that many people end up picking up clothes that have a licensed property from them, especially if they want to have something different you can’t just buy at a normal store.

The interesting thing about ThinkGeek is how some of their apparel, and many other items, cover a wide spectrum for both men and women. There’s Star Wars themed polo shirts, gaming related jackets and sweaters, cufflinks that look like anime symbols, and even swimwear for men and women with all kinds of cool designs. And this isn’t just for adults either, kids and young adults also have many options across the board, making for one of the best fandom collections to shop from online. You’ll be surprised at what you might find that you probably didn’t know existed before. ThinkGeek also offers exclusives based on various movies, tv shows, games, and more that you can only get from them. And did we mention this is just the clothing and haven’t even touched any of the other non-clothing items they have? It’s a ridiculous amount of geek and nerd culture with so many great options for just about any occasion, so we have to highly recommend them to you. You’ll thank us for it later.

Soesic Clothing – FAIL

Soesic Clothing

On the flip side of everything we just mentioned, we have one of the worst out there in comparison. Soesic is clothing that’s inspired by gaming, skater culture, and hip-hop that is meant to blend together into something unique and different. And while that sounds pretty cool in concept, it doesn’t come together too well in practice. It’s not fair to knock something down for not having any licensed stuff, so we can’t judge it on that alone. But if this is a brand and clothing meant to appeal to us gamers, geeks, and nerds out here; does it fulfill that role? If we’re being honestly, absolutely not. Is the originality interesting though? A little bit, but definitely not enough for us to buy in. 

There’s a variety of t-shirts, hats, and hoodies with the Soesic branding on them, the Soesic raptor, but they don’t stand out in any way other than being weird copies or “inspirations” of other ideas. The raptor is printed on shirts and hats like the Jurassic Park logo or appearing behind a ninja inspired by the Naruto anime, but it all comes off as cheap and silly. We’re not sure that Naruto fans would wear a shirt with an Akatsuki look alike, when they can instead go find one with Itachi Uchiha on it. There aren’t many options either for men and women, as most of what’s there is kind of similar between the two. Could you still look good wearing anything that’s here, or have fun showing off your passion for games or geek culture? Sadly, no… so we’d advise that you stay away. The raptor and everything with it just doesn’t have enough here for you to really shine with your style or fandom.

Stay tuned to Subnation as we continue our Critical Hits and Misses segment with new stores and brands in the coming weeks!