Comic-Con is Now Online Only. Here’s What We Won’t Miss About the Live Event

We feel for you, San Diego. Your pain is real. The insane amount of lost revenue directly attributed to the cancellation of San Diego Comic-Con 2020 is enough to make Steve Mnuchin cry. And while we’d love to make that man cry every day forever, it shouldn’t come at the expense of a fine city like you. Still...while we don’t want the online edition of SDCC to become a permanent thing, there are some rather unfortunate elements of the traditional Comic-Con show we could live without - at least for a little while.

The crowds

We love our fellow ComicCon goers, but there are just too damn many of them roaming the Gaslamp District. Getting stabbed in the ribs with an Elf’s +2 dexterity broadsword while waiting in line at Chipotle is not a memory to savor.

The travel

Having never flown into San Diego for Comic-Con, this one may be limited to those of us who hail from the City of Angels and other folks from the SoCal area, but hooboy, the I-5 South heading down to the border is a parking lot on a good day. One year, a jack-knifed 18-wheeler on the 405 (nobody was hurt) caused a back up in traffic to the outskirts of Los Angeles. The cars at Disneyland’s Autotopia moved faster that day. Throw in a bunch of folks rushing to see a Sabrina The Teenage Witch reunion panel and you’ve got yourself a recipe for auto-related frustration.

The cosplay

Wait. Just stay with us here. Cosplay at Comic-Con is the best. It’s the World Cup of cosplay and we adore it. But you know what ruins cosplay and the lovingly crafted, detailed outfits it’s taken months to create for the event? The weather. And movement of any kind. Oh and ketchup. All three are unpredictable elements of SDCC just waiting to wreak havoc on your husband-wife Deadpool-She Hulk looks that cost you thousands of dollars to make. But with a remote Comic-Con, YOU control the environment. Hating those pictures fans took last year because you were hungover as hell? Forget that. You can hire a professional and comb through hundreds of takes and lighting choices until you find the one you want to submit to the world. See? Isn’t that better?

The long lines

Mixed feelings about this one. Seemingly endless lines for entrance into the con, exhibit halls, panels or purchasing a rare Ant-Man LEGO set are all rough trade. But it’s waiting in lines like those where we’ve met the most interesting people. One year, there was a couple who met in line at Comic-Con celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. Another year it was a dude who ran a porn company that made X-Rated versions of first-person shooters. So yeah, it runs the gamut. And yes, his films were indeed named Call of Booty. In sum: miss you fellow line-dwellers, know that we will all be together soon.

And before we go, PLEASE remember that if you prefer the traditional, live edition of San Diego Comic-Con, here are three things you can do to increase the chances that it will return in 2021:

1. Wear a mask when you leave the house
2. Tell everyone you know to wear a mask when they leave the house
3. Repeat Step 1 & 2 until further notice