The Second Screen Gadget That’s Changing the Game on Mobile Devices

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Once little more than the gaming home of flingers of Angry Birds and devotees of crushing candy, mobile has evolved into a destination for true advances in gaming - a place where innovators can road test new ideas, technologies and story-telling mechanics. Hell, mobile managed to bring FMV gaming back from the dead, and nobody saw that coming. (Go play Her Story and Telling Lies if you haven’t already. It’s OK. We’ll wait here...)

Now, as brilliant coders continue to master mobile, titles that could easily be considered “console quality” are finding their way to our phones. The lines between mobile gaming and console gaming are beginning to blur. We’re getting to the point where you won’t need a console, monitor, PC or other “traditional” gaming device to enjoy the best the business has to offer.

Which makes the device we’re here to discuss today such a potential game changer.

The castAway is a fully functioning second screen for your phone - plus a whole lot more. It does lots of cool stuff, but at its core it solves a HUGE problem for mobile gamers: that when you use your phone to play games, that pesky thing called LIFE has an unfortunate habit of interrupting.

Well guess what Life - if that is your real name - you just got kicked to the curb. OK, pushed to the side actually, because the castAway is magnificent.

The device, which looks just like a slick, high end phone case on the surface, is compatible with IOS and Android devices, and lets you create a second screen for your phone -- giving you the freedom to play games AND do your business simultaneously, without missing a beat.

This is some seriously innovative tech, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one….or two, or a dozen.

The folks behind castAway have big dreams for their little gadget - creating something that is not just a second screen, but an entirely new platform that can help you get the most out of your mobile device in every way. You can switch effortlessly between applications using the castAway. It can be used as a keyboard, game controller or trackpad. There’s an integrated SD slot in the deceive for big time storage. Why, exactly, haven’t we thought of this before? It also has its own battery, which can be used as a second battery for your phone. On and on, the geek-tacular new features just keep piling up.

That’s a lot of cool stuff - and why we’re willing to say that the castAway has the potential to change mobile gaming, and gaming in general. It improves the mobile gaming experience in myriad ways - but more importantly, in all the right ways.

The castAway is currently being crowdfunded over on Indiegogo. It’s $249 price tag ain’t cheap, but the possibilities for improving your quality of life - gaming, business, personal or otherwise - might just make the device worth your money.