2019 will see the release of multiple movies which take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The first hero at the plate is Captain Marvel, whose movie released last Friday. This is her first appearance on-screen in the MCU and fans of the movies might be wondering who the heck Captain Marvel is, and more importantly, how she’ll help the Avengers and company defeat Thanos. Here’s a little of the other Captain’s backstory and why she’ll be the missing piece when dealing with Thanos. (Note: we won’t spoil any of Captain Marvel, but we will be talking about other MCU movies, like Avengers: Infinity War. If you don’t want to be spoiled, watch those, then come back and see us!) 

She’s Actually an Otherworldly Being

Cap’s true identity is Carol Danvers, an ex-Air Force pilot. At some point, she winds up joining the Starforce squadron and became fused with Kree DNA. The Kree are a race of superhuman alien beings, which means she now possesses superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and energy manipulation. This gives her the warrior mind of a Kree and the emotions and mindset of a human - a very powerful combination.

She’s Got Nick Fury’s Complete Confidence

If you’ve seen the end of Avengers: Infinity War, you know that Nick Fury’s last act before getting turned into dust is to summon Captain Marvel to assist in the battle against Thanos. If Fury is calling for someone to help out Earth’s mightiest heroes, you know they have to be strong. Captain Marvel will further touch on the relationship between the two and why she was the one who Fury had a direct link to.

She’s Strong Enough to Wear the Infinity Gauntlet

While the comics saw Adam Warlock wield the Infinity Gauntlet, we don’t think we’ll be seeing him this time around (even though it would be a perfect opportunity to bring Ryan Gosling into the MCU) so who could be the one to wear the Gauntlet? If one person can, it’s Captain Marvel. She’s powerful and, more importantly, resilient enough to put the glove on and harness the power of the Infinity Stones.  The new Cap can step in and save the day if Thor’s godly power isn’t available - or if she wants to prevent the old Cap and Iron Man from sacrificing themselves to save the planet. 

Reviews are favorable for Captain Marvel, which bodes well for the character’s future. All we know is, we’re super excited to go see this movie and we’ll ride that wave of excitement all the way to April 26, when Avengers: Endgame releases. Who knows, maybe Captain Marvel will lead the next generation of Marvel superheroes. Have you seen Captain Marvel yet? What’d you think? Join the Subnation community and let us know!